Leave your tent at home and stay in a luxury camping spot. These spots are the best of both worlds; you have the real camping experience in the midst of nature as well as comfort and the perfect amenities.

No lugging heavy bags and camping gear, but enjoying the outdoors. Far away from all the stress. And what could be better than arriving on location and having to do nothing but put your feet up and relax. They are not just any locations. The "mini glamping" can be tree houses, teepees, or gypsy wagons. Each with their own luxury. That makes these mini camping spots perfect for ultimate relaxation.

If the choice of beautiful locations wasn't enough, there is also a lot of choice in activities. Go on an adventure and spot wildlife during a nice walk in the forest. Cycle around and explore the area. This time without Google maps. Take it to the water, go canoeing or paddle boarding, or go for a dive. Everything you enjoy with no worries about tomorrow.

After all those activities you settle down in a relax mode, in a chair or bed, with a great view of the meadow, open waters or the forest. Then you realize that the world is not as hectic as you think it is.

Is the wide choice too much for you, can you no longer see the forest for the trees? the hosts of these camping spots will be happy to tell you where you can get the tastiest sandwiches or which restaurants you should definitely try before you leave. This way you can also see and experience the local culture.

Still looking for a bit more back-to-basic camping or to go out with your dog? We have it for you!

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