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Romantic holiday destinations across Europe

Romantic holiday destinations across Europe

Are you looking for the perfect romantic getaway to celebrate your love? Then look no further as we lay out our top 5 romantic holiday destinations in Europe.

The Loire Valley in France

The culturally rich and picturesque landscape of the Loire Valley in France takes you on a journey back in time. The valley has been named a UNESCO World Heritage site and is the perfect place to relax and unwind with its immortal sense of romance and glamour. Apart from their famous wine cellars and cuisine, The Loire Valley is often considered the ‘garden of France’. Stay on a luxurious ecolodge boat located on the Loire river. Enjoy magnificent sunsets, nearby Renaissance gardens, vineyards, and chateaus blossoming with a variety of unique botanicals. 

The Lake District in The UK

The Lake District is England’s largest national park as well as a World Heritage Site. It has been considered the ideal location for a romantic getaway due to its dramatic scenery, which has inspired many famous poets, writers and painters such as Beatrix Potter and  William and Dorothy Wordsworth . It is a landscape of adventure: the scenery is dynamic, changing from scenes of beauty to pure artistry based upon weather, seasonality, or even time of day.  The lush hills, striking mountains, and glimmering lakes accompanied by a stay at Wasdale Yurt make for the perfect romantic getaway.

The Nissum Fjord Nature Park in Denmark

Nissum Fjord Nature Park is located on the west coast of Denmark in the Midtjylland region. The nature park is famous for its fjords and surrounding cultural and natural landscapes: forests, meadows, beaches, manors, villages, lakes, and so much more. Much of the land has been laid out as a bird sanctuary since many species spend the spring and winter resting or breeding there. One of the must-do’s while staying in the area is the fjord route that runs around Nissum Fjord; It is a 70km red route that can be completed on foot or bike and makes its way through the small fjord ports. Truly experience this region by staying with Mrs. Pedersen in one of her romantic and cosy sheds.

The Frisian Islands in The Netherlands

The Frisian Islands, also referred to as the Wadden Islands, are a string of five islands located in the northernmost part of the Netherlands and one of the country’s most popular romantic holiday destinations These magical islands all host their own personalities and are each worth a visit  — from the tulip fields on the island of Texel to the national park that makes up the entirety of Schiermonnikoog island. These islands can‘t be missed on your next romantic getaway in the Netherlands: Enjoy long walks on the beach, crisp fresh air, and discover mesmerizing views and unique wildlife while staying at your own private suite.

The Ardennes in Belgium

The Ardennes is a regional national park located in the southeast of Belgium. It is packed to the brim with vast unspoiled nature, picturesque villages, and traditions and culture that date back centuries. Stay with Tony & Nadine in Dubey, the world's smallest town located within the Ardennes and surrounded by mediaeval nature. Nearby is the Wéris, also known as the 'Stone Henge' from mainland Europe. Whilst exploring, you can also journey to the nearby villages of La Roche-en-Ardenne and Septon, which holds the Hare-Krishna castle. The Ardennes offer a multitude of activities to enjoy for the perfect romantic getaway –from cave exploring to Michelin star restaurants and village sightseeing to kayaking.

So, there you have it — our top five romantic getaways to celebrate your love! Enjoy a vacation with your loved ones at these incredible romantic holiday destinations across Europe! 

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