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Top 10 European Best Destinations

Top 10 European Best Destinations

Need inspiration for your next vacation? This is our top 10 of European best destinations! This way you are assured of a unique holiday.

1. Slovenia

At number 1 in this top 10: Slovenia! Slovenia is increasingly known to the general public, but not nearly as popular as other countries in Europe. That is what makes the country so nice for a holiday. Slovenia offers something for everyone. You will find the Julian Alps with the literal highlight: Triglav National Park. Here you can make endless hikes for a day, but also for several days. In addition, there are many waterfalls, the Vintgarkloof, great mountain bike routes, the opportunity to do canyoning and much more. That makes the country very suitable for outdoor enthusiasts. But culture lovers can also indulge themselves here. Especially in Ljubljana there is plenty to do. Be sure to visit the wine region, because here you will find the best wines.

During your holiday in Slovenia you can spend the night in great places. Like at our campsites in Slovenia.

 European Best Destinations Slovenia

2. Croatia

Croatia is located south of Slovenia. This makes the two countries ideal for combining, although you can also enjoy Croatia for a few weeks. You will find a beautiful coast, many different islands and nice villages and towns. More inland it is even more off the grid and you can enjoy nature. A visit to the Plitvice Lakes should certainly not be missed. This is very well known by tourists, so if you want to enjoy it in peace, go at the end of the day. Most tourists come early in the morning, so if you don't want to encounter them, it's better to go later.

Because Croatia has so much beauty to offer, it is best to take a road trip. For example, map out a route where you spend the night at some of our campsites in Croatia!

3. Denmark

Denmark may not be at the top of your holiday list. It is often said that Denmark resembles the Netherlands and sometimes you feel like doing something different on holiday. However, you can certainly go to Denmark for that. The country consists of different islands, all with their own character, so there is a lot to do and see. In the summer you can see a beautiful natural phenomenon in the north of Jutland. Different seas come together here and that shows a beautiful spectacle of colors. Have you ever heard of Møns Klint? These chalk cliffs are unique to this region and definitely worth a visit. Also plan a few days to the Danish wadden island of Rømø, because you can drive your car on the beach here and you want to have done that.

The best thing is to go camping in Denmark. For example, at our campsites in Denmark!

 European Best Destinations Denmark

4. Sweden

Many people do not think of Sweden as a holiday destination. It is expected that it will be expensive, that it rains a lot and that the country only consists of forest. Nothing is less true. Did you know that it is on average 4 degrees warmer in Sweden in summer than in the Netherlands? The mountains of Norway hold back the wet. In addition, the country is fairly pricey, but you can also do your shopping here for a good price and many outdoor activities are free. A walk in the woods, a trip on the SUP you brought with you on one of the many lakes, a hike in the more northern mountains, it's all possible. In addition, the south of Sweden has endless white sandy beaches where you can enjoy a day with a good book. A dip in the lakes is also quickly taken.

You don't find a lot of campspaces in Sweden yet, but the places you do find are beautiful and really Swedish. Now just a fika with a cinnamon roll and your holiday is complete.

5. Scotland

Despite the fact that the UK is no longer part of the EU, you can still enjoy a holiday here! Scotland is especially great for your next trip. Nature is endless here and you will not get bored here easily. It is recommended to take a road trip because you get to see a lot of the country. Drive along the various lochs, visit cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh and drive cool routes such as the North Coast 500.

You can camp wild in Scotland, but it is nice to alternate that with overnight stays at campsites. So take a look at our campsites in Scotland for the most beautiful and unique places.

 European Best Destinations Scotland

6. Netherlands

You can also enjoy a wonderful holiday in the Netherlands! Many people have rediscovered our little country during the corona crisis, but we are sure that you have not seen everything yet. The hills of South Limburg, the Wadden Islands, the Zeeland coast and the Veluwe are by no means everything you can find in the Netherlands. Especially when you go camping at the Campspace campsites in the Netherlands, you end up in the most unique places. You then camp on farmyards and in people's backyards. Ever heard of the towns of Giethmen or Rucphen? Neither did we. But thanks to the beautiful camping spots there, we know that they are the ideal base to discover the best regions!

7. France

France should also not be missing from our list, despite the fact that it is a well-known holiday country that is very popular among Dutch and Belgians. Fortunately, the country is very large and you can explore endlessly here. Do you normally always go to the west coast? Then pay a visit to the Vosges or the Alps to discover nature. Swap your city trip to Paris for a visit to Biarritz, for example, and book a surf lesson as well. Or go in search of the tastiest champagne in the region of the same name. By the way, you don't have to opt for a large family campsite in the middle of the other Dutch people. Campspace's campsites in France are small-scale and often in the countryside. You mainly hear French and you really feel like a god in France.

 European Best Destinations France

8. Italy

Like France, Italy is also very popular with the Dutch. The country is very varied, has many beautiful regions and especially delicious food (accompanied with a good glass of wine!). You always come home completely rested from a holiday in Italy. Challenge yourself this holiday not only to lie on the beach, but also to do great outdoor activities. The possibilities are endless, especially in the north of Italy. Hiking in the Alps or the Apennines, kite surfing on Lake Garda, rafting on the rivers, racing bicycles or mountain biking through the hills or feeling completely free while paragliding, it's all possible.

There are plenty of ways to stay overnight in Italy. Are you looking for something unique? Then take a look at our campsites in Italy for unique and cozy camping spots and beautiful accommodations.

9. Belgium

Just like the Netherlands, Belgium is small but nice, but full of beautiful holiday possibilities. The coast, the Ardennes, the various cities, all ingredients to make your holiday a success. The best thing is to combine them all during a road trip through Belgium. Do you like to go with the camper? Then make this camper route through Belgium. Of course you can also map out your own route along our campsites in Belgium.

 European Best Destinations Belgium

10. Portugal

Last but not least: Portugal! Portugal is much less discovered than Spain, for example. Yet the country is perhaps even more beautiful for a holiday. In the north the landscape is beautifully sloping and you can also enjoy yourself in the Douro Valley. Combine it with a visit to Porto. The Algarve in the south is very different again. Here you will find beautiful high cliffs, especially on the west coast, with beautiful sandy beaches in between. You can walk beautifully here, but most people come here to surf! Alternate the west coast with the south coast, where you will find nice towns such as Lagos and Faro.

To be able to see all the beauty of the country, it is best to map out a road trip route along our campsites in Portugal where you can go with your own tent or camper, or sleep in accommodations on the location itself. Do you really want to learn how to surf properly? Then plan a holiday to this cool surf camp in Portugal!

This is our top 10 European Best Destinations! Which one is your favorite and do you want to visit?

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