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Small Campsite at a Farmer

Stel je voor dat je wakker wordt tussen nieuwsgierige koeien en schapen op een weiland. Met in de verte achter de bomen de opkomende zon. De ultieme manier om te ontspannen en de natuur te ervaren.

Sleeping at a farm in the middle of animals and hay. Camping at a small campsite close to the farmer is always a unique experience. A special way to spend a weekend away and enjoy the archaic life. A farmer's campsite often guarantees coziness, small scale and is usually cheaper than regular campsites. 

Discover the hospitality and pleasure of camping at a farm! Are you still looking for something else? That’s not a problem at all there are camping spots on private terrain through whole Europe and even outside Europe there are hosts who are offering their backyard to become a camping spot. 

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