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Farm campsites in Belgium

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Find farm campsites in one of the provinces of Belgium

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    Experience the beauty of Belgian nature and get a real look into how a Belgian farmer lives at one of these farm campsites in Belgium!

    The best time to visit a farm campsite in Belgium is of course around spring when the lambs are born, the leaves start growing on the trees and the weather gets nicer. So pack that weekend bag and get ready to go farm camping in Belgium to experience the day-to-day running of a farm!

    Farm campsites in Belgium

    At a farm campsite in Belgium you will often find a lot of cosiness and it is usually cheaper than normal campsites. With so much space and green lawns around you, you can do all sorts of things on a farm campsite in Belgium. You can fill your whole holiday with adventurous activities on a farm campsite in Belgium. We have listed a few activities for you.

    What can you do on a farm campsite in Belgium?

    It varies per farm campsite what kind of animals there are and what kind of activities you can do. However, there are a few things you can always do (regardless of what kind of animals there are) on a farm campsite.

    Feeding and caring for small animals like guinea pigs and rabbits.

    Most farms do have sweet little animals that you can pet and fed. Rodents are very kid-friendly and children absolutely love them too. After visiting a farm campsite, most children immediately want to take one of these animals home with them!

    Feeding and caring for small livestock such as goats, pigs and alpacas. 

    In spring, farm campsites come alive again with the birth of new lambs, among other things. These little baby goats need to be well cared for and the farmer can certainly use some help with this! Alpacas are also great animals to hang out with when you go camping at a farm in Belgium. 

    Mucking out stables, feeding and taking care of the horses and ponies

    Of course, the most fun are the farm campsites with horses and ponies! Because here you can actually ride them and go out into nature with them. Horses are also very people-friendly and you can help with grooming and feeding the horses and in the stables. 

    Help in the vegetable garden in spring, summer and autumn.

    Many farm campsites also grow food. From cherry tomatoes and arugula to nasturtiums; there is everything! These vegetable gardens need plenty of light and water and also require proper care, just like the animals! 

    Feeding the cows

    When you think of the countryside, you immediately think of grazing cows on the beautiful green grasslands. These cows ensure that we have delicious fresh milk with our coffee in the morning. A cow spends over eight hours a day feeding. This is about a whole working day for us! So the farmer can use some help with this on the farm campsite. 

    So there is more than enough to do when you go camping at a farm in Belgium.

    If you love the experience of camping on a farm, broaden your horizons and check out farm campsites in the rest of Europe too!

    Farm campsites in Europe

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