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Mountain Campsites

Looking for mountain campsites? Then this page is perfect for you, escape to the mountains with one of our campspaces below!

Mountain Campsites

Mountain Campsites

Do you have mountain-sized piles of paper on your desk? Or perhaps a mountain of mess around you? Well, there are only a few types of mountains you need in life. Mountains of fun, relaxation, and of course nature! Above are various options to choose from that will give you a lovely campspace experience.

Mountains are such gigantic and majestic aspects of nature that are fascinating to just look at. However, it doesn’t stop there as the activities, and opportunities are endless. Stay in mountain valleys and look up to the large rocks piercing the sky, or perhaps stay at a location within the mountain, or at the top for gorgeous sunrise and sunset views. Have an overlook of the small towns, the forests, and perhaps wild birds!

Mountain activities 

Depending on what type of traveler you are, there’s one thing you are choosing when you book a campspace, and that’s sustainable traveling. Not only are you staying in local locations, but your activities can also be just as sustainable! If you want a challenge, mountain activities are perfect! Go hiking to the top, go mountain climbing or even mountain biking! Bird watching, hiking, and foraging are more leisure-friendly activities!

New into climbing? Read about how to get into climbing on our blog!

Europe is filled with various mountains, but all of them are unique in their own way. Perhaps make a list, and visit them all eventually! The countries in Europe are located close to each other. After all, a mountain getaway every other weekend could be part of your lifestyle!

Take a holiday trip in the mountains and discover how much peace and privacy a mountain experience can give you. You feel so small and realize your problems are so small as well. 

Mountain camping tips 

Are you already looking forward to a holiday in the mountains? We do have a few more tips to help you with your trip:

  • It can both be hot during the day, and cold at night. Bring clothes that you’re comfortable wearing for both circumstances. Cotton and wool are two great materials and do not underestimate the sun on a cloudy day so bring sunscreen too!

  • Bring comfortable and durable walking shoes. Make sure you know what kind of mountain you’ll be visiting and bring rock pegs for safety in case.

  • When sleeping, know that the ground is solid which can make your nights extremely cold without a proper sleeping pad.

  • Always research and learn the local mountain safety tips!

In addition, our hosts can certainly help you if you need something or are looking for fun daytime activity. Do you prefer more flat landscapes? Campsites in the Netherlands are a great option!

Looking for something else? Consider camping in the forest, camping near the beach or farm campsites near you! Staying at a lake campsite is a good idea too. 

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