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Road Trip in the Netherlands

Road Trip in the Netherlands

Want to go on a road trip in the Netherlands for a rich and local experience? We have created three road trip itineraries for you to choose from!

Before the road trip

Choosing your transportation and accommodation are the first steps to planning your exciting road trip. When it comes to planning your route, we have created three different itineraries exploring the north to south, west to east, and the middle part of the Netherlands for you. These itineraries can easily be changed to your likings and preferences or can be used as inspiration as to where to go and what to see!

What transportation are you choosing? 

Road trips vary per traveler, location and destination. Whether you want to drive your campervan, car or rent an electric car, it depends on what you prefer. If you aren’t in a rush and have a set plan, campervans are a great choice! If you want to try and be more sustainable, you can choose to rent an electric car. That way you’re more flexible too!

If you want to rent a car, you can do so through Mywheels. You can easily create an account and reserve a car in your area. Through an app you can manage the process. By choosing to rent an electric car you’re being sustainable as the company works towards reducing the number of cars in the Netherlands. They want to ensure that by 2030 there will be not 9 million but 1 million cars in the Netherlands and decreasing CO2 emissions greatly! If you want to rent a campervan, you can rent one from Goboony. If you rent one in the Netherlands, you can even choose an electric one from evan

roadtrip Netherlands Campspace evan

What accommodation are you choosing?

Are you bringing tents, are you living in your transportation vehicle such as a campervan and motorhome, or are you just driving to different accommodated campspaces? 

If you’re going camping with your own tent, make sure to bring a good insulation mat and a sleeping bag. But don't forget your warm sweater, your personal care, and a first aid kit as well! However, if you don’t have any camping gear yourself and would like to give it a try, you can now also rent camping gear!

If you have your campervan, a motorhome, or are sleeping at an accommodated campspace, you’re pretty much good to go! Need a list? Check out this camping packing list. 

If you plan to make your own meals or bring your own food, consider bringing bamboo utensils! They are lightweight, sustainable and great products! 

Now, we’re good to go! 

North to South Road trip in the Netherlands

Duration: 5 days, 5-night road trip (but still flexible to change for you liking)

Discover the beautiful country starting up north and working your way down the country! You can expect three lovely campspaces, one giant park, and one small town. This itinerary avoids highways and tolls for a more local trip and you’ll even be in Belgium for a moment! You can always change this and make the trip shorter by three hours if you choose to drive on highways. Simply edit the settings in Google Maps after you plug in your destinations.

If you already live in the north of the Netherlands, this is perfect! If you live in the south, you can simply switch up the order of the destinations as you can still see it all. For those that live a bit further away from either starting point, consider it an extended road trip! You may live far or close to the first destination, so depending on the distance, plan  accordingly.

All campspaces welcome tents and vans, and some welcome motorhomes!

roadtrip netherlands campspace tent

1. Bierum, Groningen

In Bierum, you can hear the sound of silence. In  Pia’s garden, located by dikes, you can enjoy the open landscape where you see grass meeting the sky. The garden you’re staying at may be fenced but the nature around you is endless. There’s a compost toilet that you can use, practicing sustainability and you can have your own privacy. Start your road trip with open and fresh air, nothing disturbing you and the beautiful waters. If you want to add a bit more action to your campspace stay, go for a hike or a bike ride! Either way, this campspace is a great mental and physical well-being boost to your week long trip. You’ll need your energy for some fun in the upcoming days!

After the most peaceful night of sleep, you’ll wake up more refreshed than ever. Ready for another day? From Bierum to Geesbrug, it’s a 100 kilometer drive which will on average take about 1 hour and 40 minutes on local roads.

2. Geesbrug, Drenthe

Once you arrive in Geesburg, your hosts Michel and Tabitha will welcome you warmly! Their campsite is located in location with a park-like layout, giving you all the space for you to explore. There’s natural and historical sites for you to enjoy, and why not combine walking tours while learning to get the most out of your day? Fishing and canoeing are also options for either a leisurely or active activity, depending on what kind of traveler you are. 

In the evening, after a day of exploring the beauty of local nature, you can sit down and roast some marshmallows by the campfire. With your friends and family, what else is really missing here? At night you’ll be sleeping well as you’ve maxed out energy for the better. And tomorrow is yet another day with 122 kilometers of driving to the incredible National Park Veluwezoom. Make sure to leave early!

3. National Park Veluwezoom

A destination unlike the rest of the Netherlands, the National Park Veluwezoom is the oldest national park in the Netherlands, and has hills that you can appreciate for a whole day. With more than 5,000 hacres, this nature reserve you will see forests, heaths, sand and estates! 

While walking may be more intimate and slow for those who prefer, it’s also possible to go horseback riding or cycling through the park. Perhaps you can spot wild boars and deers! 

Once you feel like you’ve explored what you could, make sure to leave early enough to check in on your agreed time with your hosts. The drive is under 3 hours, and for those who need to pitch a tent, it’s maybe nice to do so in the last bit of sunlight. 

roadtrip netherlands campspace  nature

4. Oirschot, North Brabant

You have arrived in Oirschot, at  Jan and Hester’s campspace, and you can’t wait to just enjoy a full night of sleep. Because one night is simply not enough, staying two nights is highly recommended in order for you to fully enjoy this road trip with no time stress. 

When you wake up in the morning, you can appreciate their artwork of a garden and natural space they’ve created. Your hosts have grown a vegetable garden, they have chickens and an orchid. The nature garden includes an amphibian pool as well! 

Get to know your friendly hosts, and they will certainly give you the best tips as to which restaurants to visit for delicious food! The area has its own brewery, and wildlife such as the red deer. Enjoy it all at your own speed! When you’ve filled your day with the activities that make you smile, you can sit by the campfire and cook some delicious camping dinner

If the sky is clear you can also lay down for some stargazing and appreciate life. Tomorrow is yet another day, and we’re heading to Gulpen, the southernmost destination of this road trip.

5. Gulpen

Gulpen is a little village in Limburg that is a 113 kilometer drive from Oirschot. There you can simply wander and stroll around the terrace-filled and cozy streets. Support the small local businesses, and try out their local beer! 

A charming little village, you will be guaranteed to fall in love with the southern nature. Explore the area at a leisurely pace and practice slow travel until sunset.

However, all things must come to an end, but certainly not forever! When you’re back home again you’ll be recharged and can reflect back on the amazing experiences from the road trip. You can already book a short one night getaway at a campspace for a recharge after a long week of working, whenever you wish. 

North to South Road trip in brief 

  1. Pia’s campspace in Bierum, Groningen

  2. Michel and Tabitha’s campspace in Geesbrug, Drenthe

  3. National Park Veluwezoom

  4. Jan and Hester’s campspace in Oirschot, North Brabant

  5. Gulpen

West to East road trip through the Netherlands

Duration: 5 days, 5-night road trip (but still flexible to change for you liking)

This trip avoids highways and toll roads for a more local trip! This itinerary may be shorter in distance, but then you can spend more quality time in each campspace! 

1. Den Hoorn, South Holland

The first destination is Tim’s campspace, he has a charming backyard with a chance to chill by the campfire and good stories are also possible! For this campspace you’ll need a tent. Don’t own one? Well you can rent a tent here! You can arrive whenever as long as you allow yourself to spend proper time at the campspace. In a field, find yourself immersed in nature and breathing fresh air. Support the local farmers market nearby, or visit the local market in Delft! Bring your bike and cruise through the beautiful Dutch trails. If you’re into water activities, you can enjoy surfing and wind sports nearby as well! 

Start your road trip easy as your next campspace is only 40 minutes away! So wake up a little later in your tent, enjoy your cup of coffee and head out when you feel like it. 

roadtrip netherlands campspace  canal

2. Hazerswoude-Dorp, South Holland

At Sara’s campspace, you are welcomed by nature campsite in a small village. From green polder meadows to windmills, you can explore it all with their rowing boats! Go fishing or wildlife watching in the evening when life starts to calm down for a peaceful experience. You can even cycle to neighboring towns, cities and try out local cheese from nearby cheese farms! If you’d like to enjoy a nice meal outside, or buy souvenirs, make sure to support your local restaurants and businesses. 

There’s space for tents, your motorhome or choose to book Sara’s accommodation! They are all options for you to enjoy a relaxing stay. Just go to bed after a nice shower and make sure to get a good night's sleep because tomorrow will be an active day.

Just over 95 kilometers away is your next campspace adventure!

roadtrip netherlands campspace land rover

3. Barneveld, Gelderland

After having some coffee, you’re ready to head to Kee’s campspace! Accommodation is provided here so you do not have to worry about preparing for anything. You’ll be sleeping on top of a Land Rover, which you can even choose to drive and explore the area with as well. The only thing you can perhaps prepare for is a day full of fun activities! Stretch your muscles and go swimming, mountaineering, hiking, and ride on off-highway vehicles! This campspace is ideal for wild-camping and road trips. 

A picnic table is also available for you to enjoy a delicious home-made dinner!

At the end of the day, cool down with some evening yoga on the grass and wake up refreshed. 70 kilometers away you’ll be heading to the middle of the Netherlands! 

roadtrip netherlands campspace outdoor

4. Hengelo, Gelderland

Sleep in the countryside between meadows and forests at Harry’s campspace. Yes, that’s right! The best of many natural worlds is accessible here. Enjoy the peaceful outdoors and observe the birds, rabbits, and chickens. As it’s the countryside there are many estates and castles to explore as well! 

Around the area you can do some paddling like canoeing and kayaking, or perhaps explore the area with a new perspective as you can go horseback riding! Your host is always happy to give you some insight on what the best activities are to do in the area, so feel free to ask. 

After a long and active day you know you’ll have the best night's sleep. This is important because tomorrow, you’ll still need some energy to drive an hour and explore the beautiful east!

5. Losser, Overijssel

At Herman and Corina’s campspace, you’ll be welcomed by the sweet smell of flowers and fresh grass! Here you can pitch your tent in their luscious garden or camp your motorhome! There are two friendly pigs that will be your neighbor ensuring you have a nice stay as well. From biking to fishing, do not forget to spend a few minutes or hours appreciating the stars as stargazing is our host’s recommended activity. Simply lay down, breathe in clear and crisp air, and observe the twinkling from outer space. 

Once again, all things must come to an end, however, your next campspace adventure is waiting! At home, you can get back to routine, tell your colleagues, family, and friends about your amazing experiences and share the importance of your outdoor experience. 

West to East road trip in brief 

  1. Tim’s campspace in Den hoorn, South Holland

  2. Sara’s campspace in Hazerswoude-Dorp, South Holland

  3. Kee’s campspace in Barneveld, Gelderland

  4. Harry’s campspace in Hengelo, Gelderland

  5. Herman and Corina’s campspace in Losser, Overijssel

Road trip planning, route mapped out

Mini road trip through the middle of the Netherlands

Duration: You can go away for a week and visit a different place every night, take a little longer if you want to stay longer or skip one or two places. There is little driving between each destination so time is barely a problem at all for this road trip!

1. Rijswijk, Gelderland

The first place where you’ll spend the night is Rijswijk. Here, you can set up your tent in a large garden, surrounded by fruit trees and flowers. The garden is located directly on the Lek. There are a few swimming beaches nearby where you can completely relax, there is no better way to start your road trip! The place is equipped with a shower and a toilet. You can also make a campfire, so bring some marshmallows you can grill. Visit the lovely town of Wijk bij Duurstede or take a beautiful canoe trip on the Linge. You can also go cycling, hiking, windsurfing, horseback riding and fishing!

2. Leerdam

Near Leerdam it is possible to camp at a nature reserve. There is room for 4 tents, but you can also use the accommodations that are already on site: a de Waard tent and a pipowagen. Showers with hot water and toilet are available, you can also make a nice campfire here as well, so if you have any leftover marshmallows, enjoy another sweet night! If you wish, you can come and have breakfast, lunch, and dinner in consultation. Make sure to challenge yourself and try a vegetarian meal, perhaps eat produce from the garden where it’s organic too. 

There are several forts within cycling distance, you can also visit Culemborg, Gorinchem and Leerdam. In Leerdam you will find the National Glass Factory and the National Glass Museum. Your options are endless, have fun! 

3. Fire

In Vuren you can spend the night at a real fortress. You can pitch your tent, sleep in the bunker, or even a furnished tent. The fort is located at a crossroads of walking routes such as the NS walk from Gorinchem to Leerdam, various walking routes, and the Het LAW- Waterliniepad. 

The campspace is also equipped with a toilet and a shower with hot water. In the evening, curl up by the campfire or have a drink on the terrace. If you prefer not to walk, you can go cycling, horseback riding, swimming, fishing, canoeing or kayaking!

4. Drunk

In Drongelen it is possible to camp on the Maas. And this is not just any place! The hosts' mission is to bring happiness, how absolutely lovely! Here, you can set up your own tent or opt for accommodation on location. The place is fully equipped and there are plenty of things to do in the area. Choose to go for beautiful walking tours or bring your bike and cycle over the Loonse and Drunense dunes National Park or in the Biesbosch. Nature is for you to explore and admire! You can also visit the fortified towns of Woudrichem and Heusden to add onto the endless options. You simply can’t get bored here! 

roadtrip netherlands campspace helvoirt

5. Helvoirt

Not far from Drunk, you will find a beautiful biodiverse forest garden. In this campspace, there are three camping spots in the garden where you can pitch your own tent. Although it feels very off-the-grid here, you can still use the shower and toilet. There is also solar energy to charge your phone. 

Step straight from the garden into the forest where you can watch birds, spot deer and discover badger tracks. In ten minutes you are in the hamlet of Giersbergen and the Drie Linden pub. You can rent mountain bikes there. If you prefer walking, then follow the walking routes set out by Natuurmonumenten. Want to go for a swim? That is also possible! In the area you will find several swimming pools and natural pools, so bring your swimming suits. 

6. Oirschot

This campspace is another special garden: the natural garden at an artists' center. Here you are really in the middle of nature. Pitch your own tent or opt for one of the special structures in the garden. There is a swimming pond in the garden and a place to make a campfire. In the evenings, throw a blanket over yourself and enjoy the coziness with your friends and family.

In the area you can also walk in one of the many nature reserves, there is even an area where you can spot red deer! So go wild-life watching and admire the animals at peace. Oirschot is simply worth a visit with many terraces and its own beer brewery, os make sure to support your local communities and business!

7. Heusden Gem. Asten

Lastly, at Proefboerderij Karmijn you are also right in the middle of nature. Here you wake up to the sounds of the birds and you can sleep in your own tent or in one of the cabins. 

Sanitary facilities are available with a hot water shower, so wake up and start your day fresh, or perhaps take one before bed for a good night's sleep. In the morning you order an organic breakfast, for the evening there is a serving board.  During the day, go for a walk in De Groote Peel National Park or take a walk in the Starkriet.

Do you have any questions about planning a road trip or are you looking for tips? Feel free to let us know! Prefer to visit other places? Then take a look at the other campspaces

Mini road trip in the middle of the Netherlands in brief

  1. Sigrid’s campspace in Rijswijk, Gelderland 

  2. Maria’s campspace in Leerdam

  3. Fort’s campspace in Vuren, Gelderland 

  4. Marjo’s campspace in Drongelen, North Brabant

  5. Robert’s campspace in Helvoirt, North Brabant

  6. Jan and Hester’s campspace in Oirschot, North Brabant

  7. Anna’s campspace  in Heusden Gem Asten, North Brabant

So there you have it, three lovely Dutch adventures. Taking a road trip in the Netherlands is perhaps more sustainable than taking a road trip in other countries, due to the flatness and size, you won’t need to burn as much fuel! Road trips are such fun ways to explore a country as well. If you’re interested in more itineraries, we’ve also created a UK road trip itinerary for you!

Drive safely and enjoy!

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