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UK Road Trip Itinerary

UK Road Trip Itinerary

Do you crave to experience the charming old towns, luscious greenery, and majestic natural wonders of the United Kingdom? Well, we have created the ultimate UK road trip itinerary of the South for you!

Make sure to leave a week free for this road trip so that you can enjoy a few days in many locations and enjoy a wild and fun road trip!

The southern coast of the UK has a lot of campspaces, beautiful nature, and local places to support and visit. Escape the city's hecticness and really reconnect with what the giant island has to offer. This road trip is ideal for Londoners or others traveling from the East, or people from the Southwest coast, as it is quite a linear trip. However, this road trip itinerary accommodates unlimited options so include whatever stop you wish! 

campspace UK road trip itinerary campervan

What vehicle are you going on a road trip with?

Before you start your road adventure, it’s important to know the vehicle you are driving. If you are able to rent an electric or hybrid car, that is perfect! There are multiple charging stations in England, just make sure to calculate how far you can travel before needing to charge your car again. If you’re taking your campervan or car, you’ll have to include fuel costs in the trip. The more people that can fit in your vehicle the better, as carpooling is the most sustainable thing you can do! Make sure to read our  road trip planning article, to properly prepare yourself.

Now that the vehicle has been chosen, buckle up! You’ll be visiting five lovely hosts and campspaces, the coasts, and the most delightful nature with about 700 kilometers of driving to the last destination! This road trip itinerary doesn’t include highways to truly get the rich road trip experience and local adventure! We have also made sure to choose routes avoiding tolls to make your options more financially friendly.

UK Road trip itinerary 

From Egden by London, to the Southwestern coastal town Hayle. You’ll be exploring a beautiful coastal drive through England’s local towns, nature, and on highway free roads. 

UK road trip itinerary thames river

1. Cormac’s riverside retreat 

In Egham, just 31 kilometers from west London, is Cormac’s campspace, located beautifully on the banks of the Thames River. Take a walk by the Thames, the longest river that is located entirely in England, and the second-longest in the UK. You can also explore and walk through Egham; a historical university town filled with a multitude of local attractions, ranging from castles to parks and gardens. Additionally, you can learn and discover over 1,000 years of royal history at the Windsor Great Park.

Head over to a small cafe and simply enjoy what the local environment has to offer! Cormac welcomes travelers with motorhomes and vans, or you can bring a tent to sleep in! Set up camp for the night and take a walk through the old town to appreciate architecture, history, and nature. In the morning, it’s time to check out and head over to Guildford. You’ll mostly be driving on the B388 and A320 to High St in Guildford for 40 minutes.

UK road trip itinerary campspace garden

2. Duncan’s one-acre garden

Once you’ve arrived at Duncan’s campspace in Guildford, you can now enjoy the spacious garden! He welcomes anyone with a campervan, motorhome, or anyone who wants to sleep in a tent as well. A picnic table is even available for you to use and enjoy your lunch perhaps! If you’re curious about what food to make or pack for your trip, we have made a list of camping lunch ideas just for you. If you don’t feel like having a picnic, why not go to the Good Intent pub or the Jolly Farmer restaurant 5 minutes away from your space? There’s a public footpath with sliding door access alongside the garden.

If you feel energetic, there are opportunities to go hiking and biking in nature! Guildford is a town in Surrey, famous for its historic cobbled High Street. Guildford is located near outstanding natural beauty and a conservation area. 

The next day, head out on the road again towards Shaftesbury which will be under 2 hours of driving.

3 & 4. Shaftesbury and Corfe Castle 

Make sure to leave extra early from Duncan’s camp space because today you’ll be seeing two beautiful places. One is the charming old town, Shaftesbury, and the other is Corfe Castle. 

UK road trip itinerary shaftesbury town

Shaftesbury is a small market town in Dorset, with a history going back to the Saxon times! Wander through the cobbled streets with incredible views. Have a look through the lovely local shops, check out their events during the summer, and enjoy a small-town experience, away from major crowds.

The Corfe Castle ruins standing at the top of a hill, holding lots of history to learn about. Around the area, you can wander through the village which is made up of mostly limestone. Little shops, pubs, restaurants, teahouses, and more are all available for you to explore and enjoy. The best part? This is where you’ll be staying the night! At the  Joanna’s farm glamping, you’ll be sleeping comfortably on a farm that's well secluded and peaceful. As accommodation is provided, no time will be needed to pitch your tent after such an active day! If you’re with your campervan, you simply get to have a more unique sleep experience. If you have some energy left, greet the farm animals and recharge! 

Not only are these fascinating places to visit, but also important to support and very sustainable. 

After getting a full night's rest, it’s time to get back on the road and head to South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). You’ll be driving about 191 kilometers close to the southern coast. 

UK road trip itinerary devon coast

5 & 6. South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Hartland Devon Heritage Coast

Another great day to combine two amazing natural locations. Starting at the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, you can explore well over 300 kilometers of nature. Did you know 79% of AONB is managed by farmers? Let yourself soak up the fresh air, the coastal views, and peaceful farm life. These protected landscapes are important to visit and support, and you can do that by going to their events for example. This can help you understand more about looking after and living in a protected landscape. From canoe safaris to family wildlife exploration, reconnect outside with the locals!

Next, you could head up to the north a little bit on the opposite side and experience the coast of Hartland Devon Heritage just 126 kilometers away! Popular for surfers, this rugged-cliffed coast and waves from the Atlantic will give you the feeling of freedom. Go trail walking on the giant rocks and look down at the beautiful beaches, water, and life. This coast will guarantee that you recharge in some way, despite it already being a long day. Head over to a local campsite where you can park your campervan for the night or pitch your tent, and get a good sleep breathing in the fresh air. 

The drive to Tintagel is under 56 kilometers so you can sleep in a bit longer as it has been a long and adventurous couple of days!

UK road trip itinerary south coast

7. Tintagel 

Tintagel, another incredible place to visit for a historical experience and scenery. Tintagel Castle, known inextricably linked with the legend of King Arthur, you can explore medieval buildings, look for wildlife, and look down from the dramatic cliff tops. 

You can also sit down for a meal, perhaps a nice lunch and try out their local beer! After immersing yourself into the coastal nature, you can slowly start heading towards the place you’re staying for the night. Only a 44 kilometer drive down south again, you’ll be in Trethurgy in no time. 

UK road trip itinerary eden's walk

8. Mike and Fran’s Eden walk

Once you’ve arrived in Trethurgy, make your way to Mike and Fran’s Treglisson Touring Park campspace to set up camp. Situated on the site of an old orchard, there are gorgeous beaches and Caribbean-blue water to stretch your legs and maybe take a refreshing dip. If you are travelling with children, there is an outdoor playground for them to enjoy. Even better, there are full facilities available for a comfortable stay (including a freezer and microwave).

If you want a more immersive “tropical” experience, you’re in for a treat: Trethurgy is home to the largest indoor rainforest in the world! Just a short drive from your campspace, take a stroll through the breathtaking Mediterranean biome. When you get hungry or would like a drink, there are many restaurants and even a winery to relax and enjoy the taste of local culinary craftsmanship. Make sure you enjoy a full day here!

From Mike and Fran to Keri’s campspace, the drive is only under an hour. Sleep in, and another adventure awaits!

UK road trip itinerary beach campspace

9. Keri’s park and orchard

At Keri’s campspace, you’ll be staying at a sheltered rural park. Bell tents are possible to rent or stay in your own accommodation. It’s a family-friendly area where you can enjoy the peaceful nature of the coastal parks. Or head over to the beach to explore the coast and possibly surf if you feel bold! A small golf course is also available close by. 

Also, make sure to ask Keri what the best activities are to do in the area! After a full day at the last and southwestern point of England and the UK, it’s time to reflect and appreciate all the wonders you’ve experienced and seen. Relax and breathe in the local air that you will have to leave soon. 

10. Home

Lastly, home. What a road trip it has been! 

If you hail from the London area, it is a 5.5-hour drive from Hayle. Because the drive is mostly highways, be prepared to pay tolls along the way. Also, pull off to take a few stretch breaks -- you deserve them. 

If you are visiting from abroad and plan to fly home, the nearest major airport is Cornwall Airport Newquay (NQY). This is typically a much shorter drive of about 40 minutes. Wherever you are returning to drive safely, and remember to take an extra day off to unpack and unwind!

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