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Minicamping in the Netherlands

Minicamping in the Netherlands

Camping by the sea, in the country or near a city - the Netherlands has it all. In this article you will find out more about minicamping in the Netherlands and we will introduce you to some particularly beautiful campsites.

Minicamping in the Netherlands

The Netherlands - small but absolutely beautiful. It isn’t a surprise millions of tourists visit the Netherlands each year. Specifically, camping holidays have a certain tradition in the Netherlands. A special type of camping is minicamping. As the name suggests, these are small campsites with only a few pitches. If you are looking for a charming campsite close to nature, this might just be something for you!

My name is Ramona and I am a huge outdoor, hiking and camping enthusiast. I have been living in the Netherlands for almost five years now. In this article I will tell you a little bit about the Netherlands as a holiday destination and I will introduce you to some of the most beautiful minicampsites in the country.

The Netherlands as holiday destination

The Netherlands might seem a bit inconspicuous at first glance, but the country has a lot to offer. There are many beautiful cities and also loads of nature areas that are worth visiting. One of the most popular holiday regions is Zeeland. The province in the southwest of the country consists mainly of islands and peninsulas and is known for its beautiful beaches. In the very north of the Netherlands, Friesland with its popular islands has a lot to offer for vacationers. In contrast, Limburg, as the southernmost province of the Netherlands, does not have any beaches, but has a lot of beautiful river scenery around the Meuse, beautiful, rolling hills and a number of cities, such as Maastricht, that are definitely worth seeing.

Fancy a sporty holiday? On the Dutch coast or on the IJsselmeer you can try out water sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing or sailing. In Limburg, for example, you can go hiking. And of course, there is one thing you cannot do without in the Netherlands: cycling! The country is ideal for cycling - the flat landscape, the relatively short distances, and the well-developed bike paths all contribute to this. It is not for nothing that there are more bicycles than inhabitants in the Netherlands. The bicycle is the favourite means of transport here, on average every Dutch person owns two bicycles. You should not miss doing a bike tour on your holidays! In the national park De Hoge Veluwe you can even rent bicycles for free to explore the national park.

Prefer to take it a little easier? Then you can for example visit one of the many tulip fields in Holland in spring or enjoy a relaxing beach holiday in Zeeland.

Why minicamping?

Minicamping has a number of advantages over conventional campsites. Camping on minicampings, away from the stress of everyday life, in the middle of nature has its very own charm. You will find a lot of peace and a cozy atmosphere, which is not a given on larger campsites.

In addition, the contact with the local hosts is a big advantage of minicampings. Hospitality is very important and most Dutch people are wonderfully open-minded. You are not yet sure what you want to do on vacation? Your hosts can certainly give you great tips that you would never have thought of by yourself!

The best minicampings in the Netherlands

Whether you are traveling with a tent, camper or caravan, you will find many great mini campsites at Campspace. Here is a small selection of our favourites:

Quirien’s nature campsite near the Brouwersdam is a wonderful minicamping in Zeeland, only 10 minutes away from the well-known beach and surf spot Brouwersdam. Do you want to learn to windsurf during the day and relax in a hammock or around the campfire in the evening? Then this campsite is the one for you!

Another great minicamping in Zeeland is Marieke's eco campsite. Here you can pitch your tent in the forest amidst fruit trees, berry bushes, herbs, and grasses. In the small shop directly at the campsite you can buy vegetables, eggs and fruits freshly harvested from the property. If you are looking for some peace and closeness to nature, you have come to the right place. Beautiful beaches and small towns like Middelburg and Vlissingen are also not far from here.

A nice campsite very close to the sea is Hannie’s minicamping in Holland near Callantsoog. Here you can take lessons at the riding school just behind the campsite or enjoy your time on the nearby beach.

At the edge of the Weerribben-Wieden national park you can find Yvonne’s Minicamping. Here you can pitch your tent by a wildflower garden and small forest. Or you can rent one of the cute, fully furnished bell tents! During the day, you can explore the national park around the corner on foot or by kayak. A special highlight of this mini campsite are Yvonne's alpacas.

Another nice minicamping is Bas’ campsite by the sea in North Holland. Here you will find a lot of peace, dunes, beach and great hiking and biking trails. In addition, Amsterdam, Alkmaar and Haarlem - all cities worth visiting - can be reached quickly from here.

None of these minicampings sound like the one for you? Then just browse a little on Campspace! There you will definitely find the perfect minicamping for your next holiday in the Netherlands.

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