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Camping in Lower Saxony

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    Discover the most beautiful small campsites in Lower Saxony! From the North Sea to the Harz mountains, here you will find campsites in Lower Saxony that are close to nature.

    The most beautiful small campsites in Lower Saxony

    Would you like to experience a varied camping holiday in Lower Saxony? You've come to the right place! From the enchanting North Sea to the stunning Harz Mountains, Lower Saxony offers a wide range of options for camping enthusiasts. Here we introduce you to some of the most beautiful small campsites in Lower Saxony that you should definitely visit.

    Camping on the North Sea

    Imagine waking up to the salty smell of the sea wafting through your tent and seagulls singing their songs. That's camping at the North Sea in Lower Saxony. One of the smallest and most intimate campsites in this region is the "Nordseezauber" camper site. Here you can wake up and enjoy the incomparable sunrise over the sea at the same time.

    Camping in East Frisia

    East Frisia, known for its vast landscapes, windmills and tea, also offers some idyllic camping sites. We would particularly like to highlight the farm campsite "Ostfriesenperle". This campsite in Lower Saxony combines the best of two worlds - country life and camping adventure.

    Camping in the Lüneburg Heath

    The Lüneburg Heath is a unique place for nature lovers. The area is known for its vast heath landscapes, which are transformed into a purple sea of blossoms in late summer. If you are looking for a campsite in Lower Saxony, we recommend the "Heidewunder" campsite. Here you can enjoy the tranquillity of nature while exploring the regional flora and fauna.

    Camping in the Harz Mountains

    In the south of Lower Saxony, where the mountains begin, lies the Harz Mountains. Camping in this region is particularly attractive for hikers and mountain bikers. The "Harzglück" campsite is a real highlight. After a day of adventure, you can pitch your tent here and enjoy the view of the mountains.

    Camping in the Weser Bergland

    The Weser Bergland, known for its rolling hills and historic towns, also offers plenty of opportunities for a camping holiday in Lower Saxony. The "Wesertraum" campsite offers pitches for both tents and motorhomes. From here you can explore the region's picturesque cycling and hiking trails.

    Conclusion on camping in Lower Saxony

    Whether you prefer a tent, a caravan or a motorhome, Lower Saxony offers a variety of small and charming campsites. Whether you prefer the salty air of the North Sea, the vast landscapes of East Frisia, the colours of the Lüneburg Heath, the mountain panorama of the Harz Mountains or the idyllic Weser Mountains, a campsite in Lower Saxony is always a good choice for an unforgettable camping holiday. So don't miss the chance to experience Lower Saxony's diverse nature and culture at first hand!

    Sustainable camping in Lower Saxony with Campspace

    Are you looking for a new way to travel and camp? Then Campspace is the right place for you! Campspace is an online platform that promotes the concept of sustainable travel and puts you in touch with people who make pristine pieces of their private lands, such as farms, available. Instead of staying in crowded and touristy areas, Campspace allows you to camp in unique and natural places. Through this concept of sustainable travel, you help to protect nature and enjoy authentic experiences at the same time. So discover the most beautiful small campsites in Lower Saxony with Campspace now and experience a camping adventure you will never forget!

    Frequently asked questions about camping in Lower Saxony

    1. Where can I find the most beautiful campsites in Lower Saxony? On our website www.campspace.com/en you will find a variety of beautiful campsites in Lower Saxony. Whether at the North Sea, in East Frisia, the Lüneburg Heath, in the Harz Mountains or in the Weser Mountains.
    2. Which campsites in Lower Saxony are particularly family-friendly? Many of our campsites offer family-friendly facilities and activities. You can search specifically for such campsites on our website.
    3. Where are there motorhome sites in Lower Saxony? We offer a number of motorhome sites throughout Lower Saxony. You can find the exact locations on our website.
    4. Are there campsites in unspoilt nature in Lower Saxony? Absolutely! At Campspace you can find campsites in beautiful and unspoilt nature areas in Lower Saxony.
    5. What should I bear in mind when camping in Lower Saxony? It is important to respect nature and leave your campsite as clean as possible. Also pay attention to the rules of the respective campsite.
    6. Are there special rules for camping in Lower Saxony? The rules may vary from campsite to campsite. You can find the specific rules for each campsite on our website.
    7. What activities do the campsites in Lower Saxony offer? Many of our campsites offer opportunities for hiking, cycling, swimming and much more. You can find the exact activities in the descriptions on our website.
    8. Which campsites in Lower Saxony are pet-friendly? Some of our campsites allow pets. You can find the information about this on the respective page of the campsite on our website.
    9. Are there campsites in Lower Saxony that are open all year round? Yes, some of our campsites are open all year round. You can find this out in the details of the respective campsite page on our website.
    10. How do I find a campsite in Lower Saxony? You can simply search for "campsites in Lower Saxony" on our website and you will find a list of options.
    11. Are there campsites in Lower Saxony with access to a lake or the sea? Yes, there are campsites that are located directly by the sea or a lake. You can find the exact locations on our website.
    12. Where can I experience farm camping in Lower Saxony? On our website you will also find options for farm camping. These offer a unique opportunity to experience country life up close.

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