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Camping in Baden-Württemberg

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    Looking for the most beautiful small campsites in Baden-Württemberg? Whether at Lake Constance, in the Black Forest, in the Allgäu or in the Swabian Alb - here you will find your perfect nature paradise.

    The most beautiful small campsites in Baden-Württemberg

    Baden-Württemberg is not only one of the most diverse holiday regions in Germany, but also offers an excellent selection of beautiful campsites. These range from picturesque lakes to green forests and rolling hills. Whether you're looking for a quiet place for your camping holiday in Baden-Württemberg or prefer adventure, there's something here for everyone.

    Camping near Lake Constance

    Lake Constance is a true paradise for campers and offers some of the best camping sites in Baden-Württemberg. Whether on the water's edge or in the midst of idyllic nature - a small campsite near Lake Constance always offers a breathtaking view. And for all motorhome owners, there are numerous motorhome campsites in Baden-Württemberg. In addition, some campspaces also offer farm camping in Baden-Württemberg, which is particularly attractive for families with children.

    Discover the 5 most beautiful small campsites at Lake Constance

    Camping in the Black Forest

    If you love nature, then camping in the Black Forest is right up your street. There are many small, charming campsites in Baden-Württemberg waiting for you, perfect for a quiet and relaxing camping holiday. Enjoy the silence of the forest, discover the diverse flora and fauna and collect unforgettable moments in nature.

    Discover the 5 most beautiful small campsites in the Black Forest

    Camping in Baden-Württemberg

    Camping in the Allgäu

    The Allgäu is known for its hilly landscape, its picturesque villages and, of course, for its excellent mini campsites in Baden-Württemberg. The farm camping in the Allgäu is particularly charming. Here you can not only camp, but also experience country life up close. And for those travelling by motorhome, there are also numerous motorhome sites in the Allgäu.

    Camping in the Swabian Alb

    The Swabian Alb is a true paradise for outdoor enthusiasts like you and offers numerous camping options. From campsites on farms to tent sites in breathtaking natural landscapes - you're sure to find the perfect place for your camping holiday in Baden-Württemberg.

    Sustainable camping in Baden-Württemberg with Campspace

    With Campspace, a whole new world opens up for you - a world of sustainable travel and unspoilt nature. Campspace is a unique platform that allows campers like you to camp in the most beautiful and unspoilt places. It's not about crowded and commercial campsites, but about authentic experiences on the land of private individuals or farms. You have the opportunity to pitch your tent or park your camper van in the middle of nature, far away from mass tourism. This way you can experience the true charm and tranquillity of nature and at the same time contribute to sustainability, as your stay supports the local economy and promotes environmentally friendly tourism. So discover your next adventure with Campspace and immerse yourself in the unique experience of sustainable camping.

    Conclusion on camping in Baden-Württemberg

    Whether you prefer camping at Lake Constance, in the Black Forest, in the Allgäu or in the Swabian Alb - in Baden-Württemberg you will find the right place for you. There's everything from luxurious small campsites with sauna, nature campsites, to authentic farm camping, to quiet campsites in the countryside. So pack your tent or camper van and discover the variety and beauty of campsites in Baden-Württemberg.

    Frequently asked questions about camping in Baden-Württemberg

    Where can I find the best campsites in Baden-Württemberg? Check out Campspace.com. Here you'll find a variety of unique small campsites in Baden-Württemberg, whether on Lake Constance, in the Black Forest, in the 'Allgäu' or in the Swabian Alb.

    Is wild camping allowed in Baden-Württemberg? No, wild camping is generally prohibited in Germany. However, on Campspace.com you can find many alternative, legal options for camping in nature.

    Does Baden-Württemberg offer fully equipped campsites? Yes, many of the small campsites in Baden-Württemberg listed on Campspace have comprehensive facilities to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

    Can I also camp in Baden-Württemberg in winter? Yes, some campsites on Campspace.com in Baden-Württemberg are open all year round. However, remember to be prepared for winter conditions.

    Are there campsites in Baden-Württemberg that allow pets? Yes, on Campspace.com you can use filters to find small campsites where pets are welcome. However, it is always good to confirm this directly with the host beforehand.

    What is farm camping in Baden-Württemberg? Farm camping is a special kind of camping where you stay directly on a farm. You can find many such offers on Campspace.com. It is a great way to get to know the countryside and an exciting experience, especially for families with children.

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