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Budget-friendly campsites in Belgium

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Find campsites in one of the provinces of Belgium

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    Camp on the private property of one of our hosts in Belgium. Relax in nature with this cheap holiday in the great outdoors.

    Would you like to go out for a weekend or spend a mid-week in nature as often as possible? Then these mini campsites are certainly great to put on your list. These budget-friendly camping spots are easy to reach and located in unique places throughout Belgium. If you already have suitable camping gear, camping doesn't have to be expensive at all. There are fun and unique mini campsites where you can set up your tent for a decent price. You pitch your tent with local hosts who have made a spot on their private land just for you. This new way of camping is perfect for relaxing and discovering the area as a local experience.

    Budget Roadtrip. Easy and cheap

    Belgium is so unique because of the short distances between the different landscapes and cities. This makes the country very suitable for a short or long road trip. It is possible to plan your trip in advance or to be guided along the way by the tips of our hosts. You can also book extra nights or easily book another budget proof camping spot via your phone. Your adventure can start here.

    Budget-proof holidays with friends

    If you plan to go on vacation with a large group, the costs can quickly add up. But at these camping spots, the price remains relatively low. For little money, you can enjoy each other's company and the special activities that Belgium has to offer for groups. Above, we have selected budget-friendly mini campsites in Belgium for you, because we fully understand that sometimes you want to take a break and do not want it to cost too much money. Are you curious about other budget-proof camping spots in Europe?

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    Discover this new form of camping and be surprised by the hospitable hosts. We selected our budget-friendly mini campings in Belgium for you. Because we think you should go outside more and enjoy nature. Discover a new way of camping that budget-friendly.

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