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Reconnect Outside
Lodge Cabin Stays

Lodge Cabin Stays

Are you looking for lodge cabin stays? Well, below are camspaces in various locations!

Lodge cabin stays

What makes Campspace accommodation so unique is that each accommodation is special in their own way. One thing that they have in common is that they are surrounded by nature and are very cozy. From tiny cabins to group accommodations. With some campspace accommodations, you still get the feeling that you are camping because you can easily walk out your door and you're immediately in nature! Experience sleeping between the trees, along a river or by a farm and choose the stay in a cabin for the night. 

Were you thinking, are there any cabin stays near me? Then we have got you covered! The goal of Campspace is to have a place to stat 30 minutes away from home. In this way you can enjoy cottage stays without traveling to far. 

Activities for when you stay in a cabin

When you stay in a cabin, sometimes you can light a campfire at the campspace. Bring your marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers, and get ready to make smores!

Do you love being around water? One of our cottage stays is located by a lake, and there you can do all sorts of water sports and activities. Fishing, surfing, and boating are all some activities you can try out.

Going cycling, for spins on off-highway vehicles, or going for a long nice hike are “less wet” options for you! With endless nature around you, you will never get bored.

What are we eating today? A question that actually occurs a bit too often, but perhaps not when you’re camping! Check out our camping meal ideas special edition, if you need more inspiration! Camping meals is all about creativity and really enjoying yourself. Perhaps find inspiration from your environment! If you’re by bodies of water, perhaps some fish meals would be cool, you can even go fishing for it! If you’re in the countryside, perhaps focus on trying out the local produce and seasonal products. Either way, you can throw different types of veggies, meat substitutes, or meat on the grill, or cook together with your friends or family! Don’t want to cook? Opt for the local eating out at a local restaurant!

The holiday feeling

Go with your travel companions or alone and book your little getaway now! Discover a real holiday feeling in your own country, or across the border in one of these unique accommodations. If you feel burnt out often, it's important to take smaller breaks more often. Our campspaces are available for you, year-round so book every weekend for proper relaxation. Step into the outside world with peace of mind and a warm cup of coffee or tea in the morning and reconnect outside!

Are you looking for a real camping feeling? Have a look at the lodge cabin stays. Of course, we also have peaceful spaces or perhaps a romantic getaway for you and your partner.

Find your sustainable getaway

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