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Treehouse Camping

Treehouse Camping

Looking for places to go treehouse camping? Below are our treehouses you can visit for a weekend getaway!

Treehouse Camping

Treehouse glamping

Did you grow up with a treehouse as a small child? Or do you just love the idea of being cosy in a wooden cabin up in a tree? Either way, we love treehouses just as much as you do, and at our treehouse glamping campspaces, you can enjoy a charming experience for yourself, or with your friends and family!

When you go treehouse camping, your imaginations come to life as you sleep among the trees or above the ground for the few nights. A small wooden floating house, it’s perfect for families with kids! You can let them climb the trees, explore the nature and allow them to experience something magical. 

Activities during your treehouse stay

During your treehouse stay, you’re most likely to be in or near a forest. And forests are incredible places to do all sorts of stuff! If you like to take it easy, you can go for a lovely walk alone or with your friends and family. Have engaging conversations or listen to a podcast together, but these are fun and easy ways to explore the woodlands. If you happen to be in the mountains and love a bit of adrenaline, go mountain biking! 

Picnics are great to do just about anywhere, but certainly magical to do in the forest. Find a spot that suits you and enjoy some delicious sandwiches, salads, and snacks. You can simultaneously sit and eat quietly to see if you can spot some birds because birdwatching is a great hobby! After your picnic, you can always walk around to see if you can spot any other forest animals. 

Then at night, once you’ve eaten dinner and have set up your sleeping bags, you can find an open area and go stargazing before bed. 

Doesn’t it all sound incredible? Well, your treehouse camping adventure is waiting for you, so hurry! 

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