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Kirstinedal - where Denmark is most beautiful

5.00 (2 reviews) Verified Skanderborg, Denmark #s005582

Ways to spend the night

  • Treehouse

About this campspace

Here, 6 km north of Skanderborg, in the middle of the rolling landscape with beautiful views, you will find Kirstinedal, which is home to Oliver (xpap's son) Misser (Wildcat) Obi (BZ's cat) Gismo (Hipi cat) Spark (His own cat ) and Felle (The Cheater) who all enjoy the outdoors, privacy, and the possibility of a nap.
With its hilly terrain, its varied nature and its cozy villages, Søhøjlandet invites you to wonderful trips for young and old. Enjoy the landscape, the magnificent views, the deep, quiet tranquility of the forest, or a trip to Aarhus, and experience an exciting city that is still strongly influenced by young students' joy of life, and creativity - the choice is yours.
Kirstinedal arises in 1877, and comes on my hands in
At that time, there is a dilapidated main house, as well as 3 lengths that do not stand to be renovated. The solution will be to thirstily renovate the house (there was no water and the heat consisted of a guy to be fired in, every 4 hours) so it could be used while I, the next 3 years, build a new house - here chose I to build a modern wooden skeleton house, with extra insulation, solar cells and geothermal heat.
Now the time has come for the outdoor area, where a large part of the plot continues to grow wild, with a little help, so that trees, shrubs and flowers come faster. Another part of the reason, is currently. lent to agriculture, but after the autumn of 2022, the area must be given back to nature - Then you have a seed, cutting, or other exciting thing you want to donate, I will gladly accept.
The camp is close to the private, and since we value ourselves, especially the untouched nature, and thus try to create more, we of course expect you to respect the place as we do. You have access to a "picnic" area south of the shelter, but the main house, the surrounding buildings, solar cells and the area south of the house are private.


Your host

Felle Go to map


  • Drinking water

  • BBQ

  • Toilet

  • Electricity

  • Phone charging station

  • RV electricity hookup


Food and drink

  • Drinking water
  • BBQ


  • Toilet


  • Electricity
  • Phone charging station

For RVs

  • RV electricity hookup


  • Electrical heating


  • Pets allowed

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Closer to the sky - Wooden hut

  • Treehouse


Imagine, grandparents' small warm cozy living room, filled with memories, and heirlooms from a bygone era, low ceilings, with a large panoramic window facing nature, and a small terrace.
Then take that mood, and place it up in 2.5m height, attached to 5 spruce trees - Exactly ....

from € 40.27 per night
Max. people
4 persons
1 pitch

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Your host, Felle

5.00 (2 reviews)

It's me (left) and my father, along with the backhoe Gertrud.
I enjoy small and large projects on the house and the plot.


  • Delicious MTB routes in Skanderborg, Ry and Silkeborg

  • sanremopizza.dk can be bribed to deliver food ;-)


Scout Marie About the scout program

Tell us about your experience
In Træhytten you will be lulled to rest by the wind in peaceful surroundings, with
Felle, only an hour's walk, outside Skanderborg and even shorter in either
public transport or car.

I recommend going there. It is a beautiful walk through forests and above
water course. Ask Felle for advice regarding routes. There will be a new one in it
near future. But the one I walked took me past scenic areas,
over small bridges and past rape fields, early summer, and welcoming ponies,
a year-round pleasure.

It's not enough that you have the entire cabin and the surrounding area to yourself
lies behind the cabin and Felles hus, a secret garden. In the middle of a field
there is a forest surrounded by trees, with hills and a small lake with swans.
It's like a closed little pocket of time, of peace and quiet. So walk carefully
there as possible, I saw both deer and hares. So I scared them away
way over there, but they were there.

I didn't get to experience everything around the place, or see the things I did
wanted to because I simply felt so comfortable that I really got
rested out. On the other hand, I was awakened by a subdued sunrise, where one from
the tree tops really have the most beautiful panoramic view.

There is everything you need for cooking, apart from fine wine glasses, and that
only reason I mention it is the warm welcome I got from one
energetic and at the same time calm host, Felle, I could not document

Read the instructions you get on arrival and the explanations for what it gives
better stay for you and your neighbor. And also read Ida's review when she
makes some good points and was there at a different time of year.

It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend that you take a break
past and enjoy a stay closer to the stars.

May 2022 · Translated from danish

Scout Ida About the scout program

Tell us about your experience
At Felle’s treehouse in Kirstinedal, you can enjoy the landscape, the magnificent views, the deep, quiet tranquility of the forest while swaying in the trees; and if you end up missing the urban city life, Aarhus is only a 20 minute drive away.

You get the place all by yourself which makes it the perfect place for a getaway. Or well, almost by yourself. Felle’s house (the host) is located close by, and he has 3 cats, who are very curious, and visit the treehouse now and then. But all 3 cats are very calm and sweet, so no need to worry about them. On the contrary, I see them as a bonus.

The treehouse is small. There’s maximum room for two people, and you’re going to sleep very tight. But other than that, the bed is comfortable; perfect for a couple, best friends, or one person.

You can cook food on the stove; I recommend a one pot meal. Pots, pans, plates, cutlery and other kitchen necessities are already there. Water is accessible in the treehouse so you don’t need to walk anywhere to get it, but be aware that there’s no fridge to cool your food.

The toilet is placed right under the treehouse, and at night you can turn on the lights to find your way down the stairs. I recommend bringing shoes you can take on and off quickly.

Last but not least, I recommend bringing shoes to wear inside the treehouse as it can get a bit cold for the feet.

February 2022

Host Felle has responded

Hi Ida
Thank you for the visit, and the kind words. Honestly I could not accommodate you, but well the cats showed hospitality.
Really nice pictures, and a great video 👍
Hope to see you again someday.
Kh Felle

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What you can find in the area

  • Lake

  • River or stream

  • Mountains

  • Urban area

  • Forest

What you can find in the area

Landscape characteristics

  • Lake
  • River or stream
  • Mountains
  • Urban area
  • Forest

Ways to spend the day

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    Horseback riding

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  • check-icon

    Wildlife watching

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    Canoeing or kayaking

Ways to spend the day

In the area

  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Horseback riding
  • Swimming
  • Sightseeing
  • Wildlife watching
  • Boating
  • Canoeing or kayaking
  • Fishing


  • Waste separation

  • Solar panels

  • Green power

  • Heat pump

  • Water-saving measures

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Cancellation Policy

Guests who cancel at least 30 days before check-in date will receive a refund of the amount paid by them (excl. Campspace fees). If they cancel between 14 and 30 days before check-in, they will receive a 50% refund. Otherwise they will not be refunded.


Since there are 4 cats on the plot, dogs are only allowed on a leash (The place: "Closer to heaven" is not suitable for dogs)
Leftovers are picked up and taken away, along with waste.

Checking in and out

Check-in between: To be agreed–8:00 pm
Check-out between: 9:00 am–To be agreed

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