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Ultimate Road Trip Itinerary for Belgium

Ultimate Road Trip Itinerary for Belgium

Need inspiration for a new adventure or are you planning a road trip through Belgium? Find our suggestion for the best road trip through Belgium: route, transport and accommodation included. All that is left for you is just to get out and do it!

Before you go 

Before starting your road trip you will need to consider how you want to get around the country and what type of accommodation you want to stay at. There are of course several different options all of which you can check out here and then choose your favourite way. 

How to get around 

Girl leaning against autocamper summer Campspace

If you have a car, a camper or motorhome then you might choose to go with your own car or home on wheels. If you don’t have access to your own transportation then there is no reason to give up on the road trip dream because you can easily rent a car or a house on wheels. If you choose to rent a vehicle you can even choose to opt for an electric one, in this way you can do an extra good deed for the environment. There are many camper rental companies out there, you can for instance choose one like Goboony. You can also choose to go by train which will allow you to unwind and relax during the drive while enjoying the view of the beautiful landscapes passing by. 

Choose where to stay 

There are many different types of accommodation to choose between. If you bring your own camper or motorhome or choose to rent one then you are probably looking to stay at camping spots which is a great way to experience more of the country. Here you can also support the local economy by choosing small campsites or a spot with a local on their piece of land. This way you can meet the locals and get great tips from them for your trip! If you are going by car or train you can also easily stay at these small places if you bring a tent or at spots where they have accommodation you can stay in. This is also by far the most sustainable way to stay. 

The route 

Road trip Belgium route You can of course start the trip at any point of the route, but why not start from the top and go around clockwise? 

1. Antwerp 

Antwerp city from across the river Campspace

Starting your trip in the province of Antwerp just across the border from The Netherlands you can get a great mixture of culture in a number of historical cities and beautiful nature in the Campine and several nature reserves. You can start by charging yourself with energy by parking your camper or pitching your tent on this beautiful piece of nature. If you don’t have your own accommodation to pitch then you can try some peaceful glamping. No matter what you opt for you will be close to the Zoom–Kalmthoutse Heide Cross-Border Park where you can enjoy the vast bare nature, but you will also be close to the historic city of Antwerp. From these spots you can also easily visit other historic cities like Mechelen, Turnhout, and Lier as well as other nature spots like moors, Liereman, and Prinsenpark. Or you can choose to visit some of them on your way to the next stop. 

2. Limburg 

River Meuse Limburg Belgium Campspace

Next stop is the province of Limburg where you can park your camper off the grid close to the Meuse river, pitch your tent in privacy, or stay in a tipi close to nature. Going straight from Antwerp it’s about 100 km, and can be done in an hour's time. But what fun is that? Set your GPS to avoid highways so you get to see more of the country and get the most out of your road trip through Belgium! Visit some great spots on the way like Lommel Sahara, a desert-like nature reserve and Beringen, one of the cultural cities that still stands as a witness of the mine-heritage of the north of Limburg. You can also visit Genk on your way and walk (or bike) through the water in the open air museum Bokrijk. If you can’t make it all on your way, then don’t worry, you can easily visit it from the campspace of your choice. We also highly recommend visiting the Hoge Kempen National Park and the Rivierpark Maasvallei which is the surrounding area of the Meuse river. Both parks offer beautiful and unique nature so it’s a good spot to really get back down to earth. Whether you are into art or not, make a stop at the transparent church in Borgloon when continuing your trip. 

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3. Liège 

Eifel Nature Park Liège Campspace

On the road again towards Büllingen in Liège where you can park your camper or pitch your tent at camping Manderfeld. A drive of about 100 km. which will take a bit less than 2 hours when skipping the highway ;). On the way you can stop and take a walk around the historic city of Liège. If you would like a boost of minerals you can stop in the city of Spa and visit their thermal baths, this will definitely leave you relaxed, you can also easily go back from the campspace and have a relaxed day here. Other places to visit close by on your way or from the campspace is the Eifel Nature Park with very distinct and rough nature and some wild animal species you will not find elsewhere in Belgium. More beautiful nature can be experienced in Vallee du Ninglinspo, where you can explore one of the most beautiful walks in the Ardennes. An endless amount of trails through wild beautiful nature with waterfalls, natural pools and rocky landscapes. 

4. Luxemburg 

La Roche Ardenne Luxembourg Belgium Campspace

Next stop on our road trip through Belgium is Durbuy which is located in the Ardennes. The Ardennes is a special low mountain range area with wild forest vegetation that stretches across Belgium, a bit of France, Luxembourg and Germany. Most of the Ardennes in Belgium is found in the provinces of Luxemburg, Namur, and Liège. From Büllingen to Durbuy it’s about 80 km. and it will only take you around an hour and a half. In Durbuy you can try some glamorous camping or pitch your own tent and relax in this feng shui garden. If you are doing the road trip of Belgium with a camper then you can park it a bit further south in this big beautiful nature garden. On your way or from the campspace you can visit a bit more of The Ardennes and La Roche-en-Ardenne, which is a region with extremely rich history and culture surrounded by the most wonderful landscapes of the Ardennes. So take a walk through this region and be amazed. 

5. Namur

Dinant city Namur Belgium Campspace

Moving on from The Ardennes the route leads us into the province of Namur. Here you should take your time to take a walk through the city of Dinant, it is a really beautiful and charming city on the edge of the Meuse river in front of a bare cliff with a great deal of historic buildings. You can even park your camper or pitch your tent in a lovely garden in Dinant. If you don’t want to stay in the city then you can try farm camping at Les Bois Blanc. Depending on which campspace you prefer it's a 50 to 60 km. drive, so it will take less than an hour if you go straight there. Therefore you can easily take time to drive to one of Belgium’s beautiful caves, more specifically the cave and National Park of Grottes de Han in Han-Sur-Lesse. 

6. Walloon and Flemish Brabant (and Brussels) 

Hallerbos Flemish and Walloon Brabant Belgium Campspace

The next streak on our road trip through Belgium takes you from Dinant and Wallonie back to Flanders and Flemish Brabant where you can park your camper, pitch your own tent or stay in a glamping tent at this idyllic ecological camping. This drive is about 100 km. and will take around two hours if you avoid the highways. We advise that you take a break on the language border between Walloon and Flemish Brabant and stretch your legs on a walk through the beautiful Hallerbos. If you visit this forest at the right moment you will be greeted with the most amazing purple flower carpet. From the campspace you can visit some of the other great spots in Flemish Brabant like Leuven with its extensive botanical garden and historic buildings including the Great Beguinage which is a UNESCO World Heritage. The Sonian Forest which is found just on the outskirts of Brussels is yet another UNESCO world heritage site. You can also spend a day in Brussels and visit the Gaasbeek castle. 

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7. East Flanders

Flemish Ardenne nature Campspace

Moving on from Flemish Brabant the route takes you to Schorisse in the Flemish Ardennes in the province of East Flanders, an area that takes its name from the Ardennes you would have visited in Wallonia. You can either park your camper or pitch your tent in the heart of the Flemish Ardennes or get another glamping experience at this special place in nature. This will be another short driving day of only about 40 km., which is why it’s a great day to visit more of the Flemish Ardennes or take a detour up to Ghent and visit this historic and cultural city. You can also take a bike ride on parts of the official Tour of Flanders bike route, which end in the historic city of Oudenaarde. You can pick a route that suits your level, either a flatter part of the route or try to climb the steep slopes to challenge yourself. Either way you can reward yourself afterwards or on your way by visiting a cycling café and feel the unique ambience here. 

8. West Flanders

Beach houses sunset West Flanders Belgium Campspace

Now we have come to the last stop on our road trip in Belgium: in the fields of Aartrijke in West Flanders. If you take the direct route it’s only a 70 km. drive which will take a bit more than an hour. But again what fun is that? We suggest a detour to see some of the greatest spots this province has to offer. From Schorisse we suggest driving to Ypres, a city name you might recognise as many big battles of the First World War were fought here. Today you can follow the footsteps of history and visit the Flanders Fields Museum or just wander through some of the many monuments, memorials and cemeteries that commemorate the soldiers that fought here. From here you can drive to the coast through Veurne, and spend some time at the beach. From the campspace you can visit the historic city centre of Bruges.

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