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What To Do in Limburg Belgium

What To Do in Limburg Belgium

If Belgian Limburg is on your bucket list this is a good place to start your journey and get inspiration for what to do in Limburg Belgium. If it’s not yet on your bucket list, read on and see why it should be.

What To Do in Limburg Belgium

The Limburg province is split between Belgium and The Netherlands, so both countries have a province called Limburg. The Belgian province Limburg offers beautiful nature and plenty of culture so it is no problem to find things to do, the biggest problem is to decide. But don’t fear we have made a guide to help you plan what to do in Limburg Belgium! 

Our Favourite Activities in Limburg Belgium 

Are you planning a trip to the Belgian province Limburg? There are many things to do in this beautiful province, so don’t miss out! To help you get an overview of what there is to do in Limburg Belgium we have gathered our top 5 activities. Are you looking for the Dutch Limburg? Look no more, we also have a top 5 for that!

1. National Park Hoge Kempen - An All Time Favourite

When you visit Limburg you must visit Belgium’s only National Park: Hoge Kempen! It is located in the east of Limburg stretching across 67 square kilometres. From east to west it crosses from the Meuse River Valley to Genk, while Conecterra is the most northern and Pietersheim the most southern point of the park. Five main gateways open up to the beautiful park; a sanctuary of heathlands that paint the grounds purple in the late summer and peaceful evergreen pine forests. Ponds, streams, marshes and other diverse nature landscapes break up the heathlands and pine forests that all together host more than 6,000 animal species.

You can explore the beauty of the National Park  just how you prefer. Hikers can enjoy (parts of) a 200 km trail network, with endless loops of varying lengths. So no matter if you are used to hiking or not there is a route for you. Cyclists can experience the National Park from the 140 km network of cycling tracks, which can also be combined to fit any level and length. Do you have a soft spot for horses and prefer to take in the gorgeous sights from horseback that is also possible! On the horse-riding network! All trails and networks are clearly signposted so you won’t get lost! 

Are you planning a family trip or do you just love to be barefoot in nature? Then the park’s barefoot path is perfect for you! From the entrance in Lieteberg you can find a designated walking route where it’s shoes off only! Is there a better way to reconnect with nature? 

2. Rivierpark Maasvallei - Home to The Meuse River

Rivierpark Maasvallei (in English River Park Meuse Valley) is definitely worth your time! The Meuse River - or de Maas in Dutch - runs through The Netherlands, Belgium and France, and for most of Limburg it serves as the border between Belgium and The Netherlands. Rivierpark Maasvallei includes the areas surrounding the Meuse River, both on the Belgian and Dutch side. In summer there are ferries to take you across the river so you can experience it from both sides. The river is around 40 km. long so there is lots to see! 

Apart from the beautiful Meuse River, the Rivierpark Maasvallei hides great landscapes with high diversity in both plant and animal species. There are especially many birds along the river, so bring your binoculars and observe the wonderful birdlife! The Meuse provides good conditions for the surrounding landscapes. Along the river you can find many lakes and smaller ponds that are actually man-made. Today the Rivierpark Maasvallei hosts several different nature reserves that are home to a great diversity of flora and fauna - even some endangered species of both plants and animals can be spotted here! Apart from the Meuse and the gravel ponds, the nature landscapes in the park include plenty of floodplain forests, wet grasslands and woodlands. But among this wilderness you can also stumble upon some small scale agriculture, a few orchards and even a wineyard!

Rivierpark Maasvallei is not only a natural wonder but also a historic and cultural gem. In the Leut hiking area lies the Vilain XIIII Castle with beautiful landscaped parks. Along the Meuse several areas and cities like Oud-Rekem with its authentic village centre, the pilgrimage village Heppeneert and Mazenhoven’s typical street pattern, ooze culture.

The park is a hiking and biking paradise. Some places you have to stick to the dike but at other points it is possible to stroll along the river bed and even cross to the other side during low tide! There is a great network of paths and trails where no cars are allowed, so you can easily explore this wildlife haven peacefully without any traffic noise. Cattle and horses graze in the park, and although they are all peaceful creatures it’s best to leave them alone. Don’t skip the Rivierpark Maasvallei; it is a true wonder! 

3. Hiking or Cycling in Voerstreek - Another Nature Lover Paradise

When you visit Limburg don’t forget Voerstreek (the Voer region). Voerstreek is detached from the rest of Limburg Belgium and lies on the other side of the Meuse some 7 km. south of Reimst. Voerstreek borders The Netherlands to the north and the Liège province to the south. Voerstreek is therefore very peaceful with adorable tiny villages, small family enterprises, hospitable local hosts and beautiful nature that form the perfect setting for great hiking trips.

Voerstreek is about 50 square kilometers, less than the Hoge Kempen National Park, but in this region you can find the highest point in Flanders (the northern half of Belgium) of 287 m. Because the grounds underneath Vorstreek is mainly made up of limestone the flora and fauna found here is also unique from the rest of Limburg Belgium.

In this region culture and nature meet in the most enchanting way and the best ways to experience the peace and charm of Voerstreek are by foot or by bike. 125 km. of hiking trails will take you through gorgeous nature and past romantic castles and adorable farm- and half-timbered houses. The trails are of varying lengths and can be combined to a relaxed stroll, an advanced hike or anything in between. Limburg Belgium is a cycling paradise and Voerstreek is no exception. So if you love to experience the world around you from your bike, Voerstreek will not disappoint you. On your way you can make a stop at one of the local vineyards and have taste of Voerstreek. 

4. Have a taste of Limburg, Belgium in Sint-Truiden 

The southern half of Limburg Belgium is filled with orchards that produce some of Belgium's most delicious fruits. Sint-Truiden is located in the centre of Belgium’s fruit production region: Hesbaye. So don’t rob yourself of the experience it is to visit this fruit mecca - especially in summer when you can have a taste of Limburg and Belgium here. The area is most known for its delicious pears, apples and sweet sweet cherries. How peaceful would it be to hike or bike between the orchards with the sweet smell of fresh fruit? Make a day of it and visit an orchard in Sint-Truiden and try the sweet taste of Limburg.

The city of Sint-Truiden is both historical and cultural with beautiful and typical architecture so combine your orchard tour with a stroll through the city centre.

5. Outdoor Adventures Culture Hunt in Genk

Genk is the perfect combination for those who both enjoy nature and city. The city is full of traces from the mining era with many historic and cultural places to visit. Surrounding the city are great nature areas like Bokrijk which is an open air museum or and the Hoge Kempen National Park which you can easily enter through the gateway in Genk.

When you are in Genk remember to give yourself the experience of cycling or walking through water! In Bokrijk there’s a path all the way through a pond so you can walk or bike through it without getting wet! This is just one of the unique activities in Limburg Belgium! 

Other great places: From Lommel to Tongeren

If you have more time in Limburg these are some other cool places to check out. Lommel in the north is home to rich and diverse nature landscapes from ponds and wetlands in De Watering nature reserve to dunes in Lommel Sahara nature reserve. In beautiful Bosland you can cycle through the forest, while you can still experience the region’s mine-heritage in  Beringen. Close to Genk you find De Wijers which is home to 1001 ponds and a rich wildlife. 

Borgloon also lies in the fruit-region, but apart from the beautiful orchards Borgloon is famous for its transparent church - a cool outdoor art installation. Next to Borgloon is Tongeren, the oldest town in Belgium which can be dated back to the Romans.

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