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Itinerary for a North Germany road trip

Itinerary for a North Germany road trip

Planning a road trip through northern Germany? Then this list of must-see regions and nature spots in rugged northern Germany will come in handy.

What to plan ahead 

When planning your North Germany road trip, it’s always good to figure some basics out before you pack your bags and leave the house. Think about how you want to get around and roughly where you would like to stay. Read our suggestions below and consider your options.

How to get around 

There are different options to choose between when it comes to transportation for your road trip. Do you want to drive yourself, or would you prefer to take the train around so you can relax on the “road” and enjoy the landscapes you drive through?

Exploring North Germany by train

If you prefer to jump on a train then it’s a good idea to check the connections in North Germany for your road trip route, using the famously punctual German rail system. Besides a plan for the trains you'll take, the only thing you need is a ticket.

Exploring North Germany in your own vehicle

If you have a motorhome, campervan, caravan, or car already this makes things quite simple! Make sure you have a paper road map with you as well, in case your GPS or internet signal isn't as strong as you'd like it to be while on the road. If you're driving an electric vehicle, it would be smart to read up on charging points for electric cars in North Germany. Germany recently expanded it's offering of charge points drastically, but it's a large country – and when you're driving in more rural areas they may become more sparse. You can use this handy site which aggregates all EV charging points from various providers into a map.

Renting a shared vehicle

 If you don’t have a car you have plenty of options to rent one! You can find vehicles on some great sharing platforms like Goboony if you're looking for an RV or campervan. Check out  MyWheels or Hiyacar if you feel more comfortable in a car and camping in a tent or staying in provided accommodations.

Choose your accommodation type 

It's always a good idea to plan accommodation ahead of time! You can book your first few camping pitches or accommodations before setting off and leave the rest of the planning for when you're on the road, so you can have peace of mind when you set off but flexibility on your North Germany road trip further down the line!

If you're travelling with an RV, campervan or camperbus you're probably in the market for a camper site or camper pitch where you can easily park your vehicle and enjoy pleasant surroundings. Camper sites with extra amenities and facilities like hot showers and campfire facilities also can't hurt! Either way you travel you can easily find spots of hidden nature away from the bustle of the city to make your road trip more relaxing after a long day of adventure. If you're travelling by car or train you can either bring a tent along and pitch that at some nice spots, or stay in a comfortable accommodation.

The route

Route North Germany road trip

When heading out on a North Germany road trip, many often forget about the neck of Germany that is Schleswig-Holstein, but this region does have some quite amazing places to visit too. So this route will make sure you don’t miss out on that, or any of the other great places in North Germany.  

1. Starting by the North Sea (Wadden Sea)

Campspace by Wadden Sea North Germany road trip

Inge's Little Farm, campspace in Fulkum 

Starting your trip somewhere you can leave the daily stress behind and relax before getting on the road is always a good idea, which is why our road trip starts at a peaceful farm close to the sea. Go watch the sunset by the beach or spend some time with the chickens on the farm, so you are ready for the adventures that await you along this North Germany road trip. 

2. Dohren, Bremen and Hamburg

Hamburg North Germany road trip Campspace

Hamburg Old Town UNESCO site

After having had the time to relax you are ready to enjoy the wonders of North Germany. The stretch from Fulkum to Dohren is about 200 km. if you want to make a stop in Bremen to visit the cultural and historic city. We recommend setting your GPS for no highways so you can drive through the green landscapes and charming towns on your way. If you make a stop in Bremen we recommend you visit the port and walk around the city to admire the beautiful buildings. Bremen City Hall and the Bremen Roland statue found on the Bremen Market Square are two UNESCO sites to visit if you make a stop here. Set camp for the night at this idyllic private camping in a mini forest and relax among the pine and fruit trees. From here you can also easily visit Hamburg where you can also enjoy the port, the beautiful architecture and a few UNESCO heritage sites. 

3. Schwerin and Peenehagen 

Schwerin Castle North Germany road trip Campspace

Schwerin Castle 

From Dohren it’s time to go a bit further east to Peenehagen where you can camp in a peaceful large meadow. It’s a 250 km. drive from Dohren, which will take about four hours if you avoid the highways. On this stretch you can also take the opportunity to visit the city of Schwerin, a beautiful and quiet place known for its castles and lakes surrounding the city. Pay the Schwerin Palace a visit and take a walk along the shore of the Schwerin Lake. You can also take the opportunity to climb to the top of the city’s cathedral and walk around the Alten Garden. 

4. Stralsund, Rügen and Rostock 

Jasmund Rügen North Germany road trip Campspace

Chalk Cliffs at Jasmund National Park, Rügen 

From Peenehagen it is only a 125 km. drive to Rügen, Germany’s largest island where you can jump in the Baltic sea from Germany’s best sandy beaches. We recommend that you take some time to visit Jasmund National Park, a UNESCO site known for its chalk cliffs, particularly the King’s Chair which is Germany’s largest chalk cliff. On top of the cliffs you can walk through the beech forest where you will be able to spot many rare plant species due to the unique composition of the soil. Close to the National Park you can make a stop in the city of Binz where you can take a stroll through the town and see some well-kept resort architecture. When crossing to or from Rügen we recommend making a stop in the city of Stralsund which old town is a UNESCO heritage site. It is rich in culture since it has been under the rule of several different countries including Denmark, Sweden, and Germany of course due to its strategic position. Take a walk through the town and feel the history around you. End the day by treating yourself to a bit of luxury at family camping spot near Rostock. Do yourself a favour and take a walk through the city of Rostock before you continue on your trip. Visit the university which is the oldest in the Baltic area and therefore attracted many students from Denmark and Sweden as well, until similar institutions were established there. 

5. Wismar and Lübeck 

Lübeck North Germany road trip Campspace


From Rostock the next stop is Stuckdorf, a town not far from Lübeck where you will find a natural spot between meadow and fields where you relax and spend the night. The stretch is about 100 km. so you will have plenty of time to stop in Wismar and Lübeck on the way. Wismar was like Stralsund also under Swedish rule for a period of time, which is visible in some of the architecture you can see here. Walk around and stop by the Wasserkunst, a Dutch art installation from the 1500s, and don’t miss the St. Nicholas Church or the 18th century Bauhaus. With its location along the Baltic Sea and the Trave River Lübeck has long been an important trade city. Today the Old Town is a UNESCO heritage site worth visiting. 

6. Schleswig-Holstein: Helgoland and Friedrichstadt 

Tall Anna Helgoland North Germany road trip

Tall Anna, Halgoland

When continuing on the road from Stuckdorf the next stop will be Helgoland island. To get there it’s around 150 km. drive to Büsum from where you take the ferry to the island which is most famous for its Tall Anna, an impressive 47 metres tall free-standing column of red sandstone. You can also visit the lighthouse and have a drink or a bite to eat in one of the old fisherman houses along the promenade which are today transformed into cafés, bars and restaurants. After spending the day exploring the island you can rest for the night near the dike in Husum. On the way from Büsum to Husum you will pass the charming town of Friedrichstadt which will make you believe you have reached The Netherlands due to the architecture style and the canals. Knowing that Dutch religious refugees settled in this town in the 1600s the resemblance no longer seems so strange, but it is quite impressive how they have maintained it since then. Make a stop here and walk around the town for a bit to soak up the atmosphere. 

7. Schleswig-Holstein: Flensburg and Sylt

Sylt Light House North Germany road trip

Sylt light house

Schleswig-Holstein is an interesting region historically, culturally and naturally. On the west coast you can experience the Wadden Sea, a UNESCO Heritage site and to the east you have the Baltic sea. Throughout history the region has switched between being on German and Danish hands, and the current border only celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2020. Therefore, you will still find Danish communities in this region today. As we are now approaching Denmark the adventure is coming to an end, but first we recommend that you spend some time relaxing by the Baltic sea at a peaceful spot behind the forest

From here you can visit the historic city of Flensburg before crossing to the west and visiting  Sylt Frisian Island in the North Sea which is the biggest of the North Frisian Islands. You will be met by unique nature and the charming island life mixed with the unique German-Frisian-Danish culture that tells a tale of the past. You cannot drive to Sylt yourself, but from Niebüll you have two train options: you can either jump on a regular train or you can take the car-train and bring your car with you to Sylt! It is worth knowing that on the car-train you stay in the car on the way there, so that is also an experience you don’t get everyday :) 

Plan your North Germany road trip today or find another outdoor adventure.

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