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Holiday in Denmark: a roadtrip itinerary

Holiday in Denmark: a roadtrip itinerary

We outline a roadtrip route that allows you to visit the best camping spots on a driving holiday in Denmark, otherwise known as ‘Dansk bilferie’.

A road trip through Denmark is the ideal way to see a lot of this beautiful country in a short time.

A roadtrip is always a great idea as it allows you to see much more of the country you’re visiting and makes your holiday feel more adventurous. In this article, we outline a route that allows you to visit the best camping spots, see the most scenic views and create the best memories of a driving holiday in Denmark, otherwise known as a ‘Dansk bilferie’. If you like the sound of this road trip itinerary through Denmark, but don't have a vehicle, we'd recommend that you check out our friends at Goboony, a platform for renting privately-owned camping vehicles. A low-cost and sustainable way to try van life in Denmark!

Good things to know before you leave

Before you make your road trip itinerary, it’s useful to determine what you want to see, how long you want to stay away and what you absolutely want to visit.

Before you leave, check whether an environmental badge (also called Eco sticker) is compulsory for your destinations. In the larger cities in Denmark you will find different zones where it is compulsory. If you have not yet planned a route for your Denmark road trip, it is a good idea to apply for one in order to avoid a fine. Find out more about Denmark's environmental zones here.

Plan a holiday in Denmark by car or motorhome

We've put together a Denmark road trip for you that starts in Ribe, a town around 6,5 hour drive from the Netherlands. You'll not only explore big cities like Copenhagen and Aarhus on this Denmark road trip, but also discover some hidden gems in the most beautiful nature areas. After reading about our favourites below, explore all Danish campspaces that offer campervan, RV, caravan and motorhome pitches too, to make sure you’re not missing anything!


The trips start in the southern region of Denmark, in Ribe. This beautiful town at the west coast of Jutland is full of history, and one of the most popular attractions is the cathedral which dates back to the 12´th hundred. and is the oldest in Denmark. A short drive from Ribe you will find the Wadden Sea center, where you can find extraordinary exhibitions and get an understanding of the Unesco heritage site, the Wadden Sea close to Ribe.
After a day full of experiences, you can drive to Egebæks shelter. This campspace is very close to the city center of Ribe, and you will find good facilities such as electricity, water and a hut for barbecuing.


Next stop on the route is the area around Aarhus, the second largest city, where you can enjoy a little more luxury. At Glamping Molsgaarden, you can enjoy absolute peace, varied nature and the comforts of home. On your way to your next camp space, don't forget to plan a day in Aarhus. Stroll through the city's culture-filled streets or visit the open-air museum Den Gamle By, one of Denmark's most popular attractions.


Save some kilometers on the road and instead relax on the ferry from Aarhus to Sjællands Odde. From here you have around one and a half our drive to Copenhagen. We recommend staying outside the city, so you can make the most of the peace and quiet and nature, but still visit Copenhagen as a day trip. Camping at the beach in a historic fort, in the forest or on a farm, it is all possible in the green nature surrounding Copenhagen.


Next on your roadtrip plans for your holiday in Denmark is Odense, Denmark's third largest city. It's a city rich in museums and full of culture as one of the oldest cities in the country. It's also the birthplace of Hans Christian Anderson, so there's a fairytale feel here too. Enjoy the varied flora and fauna in the southern part of Funen. From Svendborg and Fåborg you can go on an island-hop to the charming small islands close by. Park the car under the trees and spend the night in this incredible treetop-hut in Kværndrup. Here you will experience peacefulness and relax, or you can try out the various outdoor activities in the area.


The last stop on this Denmark road trip is Tønder.It is quiet in the winter season, but buzzing with life in the summer season. A highlight in this town's annual calendar is the Tønder Festival, one in August and the other during the Christmas period. Tønder is a real Christmas town; for weeks on end, the town is in a Christmas mood. So don't hesitate to visit this town on your next winter road trip. Enjoy Denmark's rich culture here too. Stroll along the characteristic, historic buildings, through the beautiful inner city where there is a lot of unique architecture to admire. There is also plenty to do outside the city, and we recommend staying in one of Campspace's most unique locations. This whimsical accommodation is the perfect location to make your road trip through Denmark unforgettable.

The advantage of all these campspaces is that they are all located around cities. That means plenty of activities and culture around your accommodation, so you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest!

Does this holiday in Denmark sound like music to your ears? It does to ours! If you feel you need some more advice preparing for your road trip, you can find our tips and tricks for the perfect road trip here.

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