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Easy Camping Lunch Ideas for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Easy Camping Lunch Ideas for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

When spending the day in nature it’s handy to have a nice filling lunch in your backpack that you can eat wherever you are whenever you feel hungry. These camping lunch ideas can easily be prepped in the morning or at home and eaten on the go.

1. Delicious sandwiches 

Sandwiches are great to just put in a small bag or wrap in some foil or even some reusable wax paper and have it ready to eat when you get hungry. They can easily be adapted to every taste and diet and everyone can have a different one if they like! You can change up the type of bread you use and what you put in it if you don’t want to eat the same sandwich every time. 

It’s always nice to start with a spread on the bread to add some taste and to prevent the bread from drying out, but you can add any kind of spread like cream cheese or hummus, or even use a sauce like ketchup, mayo, dressing, pesto or whatever you like! Add in some leafy greens like lettuce, spinach, arugula, kale or maybe a mixture of different leafy greens if you prefer that. You can choose to add fresh veggies like cucumber or tomato, or you can add some roasted veggies like zucchini, beet root or bell pepper, or maybe even pickled veggies if you like. You can of course also mix fresh, roasted and pickled veggies just how you like it! Depending on your diet you can also add in some cheese and meat if you want to, but you can also make a delicious and filling sandwich without meat! 

2. Easy and filling salads 

Easy Camping Lunch Ideas

Cold salads are easy to bring on the go or just enjoy at the campspace and a lot of it can even be prepared from home. Bring a container with the salad and a fork and you are ready to go! Some things are not easy to put in a sandwich, but you can add anything to a salad! You might think that a salad cannot fill you up, but we are not talking about salads that only have leafy greens. 

Apart from what you normally like in your green salad add in some pasta, quinoa or whichever other grain base you prefer. This will definitely make your salad more filling! If you want to add in some small pieces of fish, meat, tofu or shellfish that’s also a way of making it more filling. Did you know that adding beans is a great alternative to the meats as they contain plenty of protein ;). You can of course also add them even if you decide to add a bit of meat too. For the veggies and the sauce it is much like for the sandwiches - you can add in exactly what you like and mix it just how you like it. For salads you can also add a crispy topping like seeds, nuts or croutons, and maybe some pieces of fresh or sweet fruits like mango, pomegranate, apple, clementine or any other fruit you like! 

If you still don’t think this is filling enough you can always bring a piece of bread along and eat it with the salad - that is always a winner! 

3. Wraps 

With wraps you can really combine the best elements of a sandwich and a salad! All those small things that are difficult to add into a sandwich because they will fall out when you try to eat it can be added to a wrap. And you can pack it tighter than if you just make a salad - and it is of course just as easy to eat on the go.  

When making a wrap you can decide if you want to add any type of grain like quinoa, rice, or couscous, or if you prefer to leave it out. For the veggies, fruits, meats and sauce it is just like for the salad. The crispy element does not work so well in a wrap though, as it will go soft when mixed with the other delicious ingredients. If you are preparing wraps for more people and everyone eats the same it is easy to just mix everything in a bowl first and then add it into the wraps. If you have different tastes or diets then it’s easy to build the wraps by just adding each filling individually. 

You can also fill your wrap with some coleslaw and pulled pork or veggie “pulled pork” which you can make with jackfruit. A thick curry or stew can also be packed in a wrap and brought on the go. The possibilities are really endless for wrap lunches!

4. Leftovers 

If you want to relax at the campspace or know you will be home for lunch and you weren’t able to eat all the food you had prepared for dinner the night before (or maybe you prepared too much on purpose), then your leftovers are great for lunch! This minimises your waste but it is also super easy to just heat it up in a grill or over the campfire. This is really a minimum effort yet still delicious and filling lunch!

Do you already have a favourite to try out, or maybe you want to try out all of these easy camping lunch ideas? We have also gathered some more inspiration for easy camping breakfast, snacks and dinner ideas for you to try! We have also made a selection of our favourite campfire specials if that fits better into your trip. If you need more camping hacks we’ve also got those for you.

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