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Easy Camping Breakfast Ideas

Easy Camping Breakfast Ideas

It can be difficult to get creative with food in the wild, so we have gathered some delicious and easy camping breakfast ideas to spice up your next camping adventure!

Easy Camping Breakfast Ideas

It is always important to get a good, nutritious and filling breakfast so you are ready to take on the day! When you need to spend the day enjoying nature, and maybe be active all day going for a long walk, a bike ride or any other outdoor activity it is very important to get off to a good start. You can of course bring your cereals along, but why not try one of these great camping brekkies? So get your morning campfire going and pick your favourite camping breakfast ideas to try on your next trip! 

Camping Breakfast Ideas

1. Toasts of all kinds 

Toasts are easy to make, and therefore a great camping breakfast idea! You can make french toast, avocado toast, ham and cheese toast or really whatever kind of toast you feel like. 

You can make a filled toast by either grilling the bread directly over the fire or in a pan with a bit of oil or maybe bacon grease if you like bacon in your toast - just make sure to make the bacon first then ;). In many breakfast toasts it’s nice to add a fried egg in too. So in an avocado toast you will have bacon (if you want), mashed avocado spread onto both pieces of grilled bread and then the fried egg. This really makes for a delicious breakfast and you can make it as bacon greased or healthy as you want! You can follow these basic steps for any filled toast you fancy for breakfast - if you want to add in some cheese like a ham and cheese toastie, then leaving it over the fire in a foil pack for a bit after assembling the toast will make the cheese melt and the toast even more delicious! 

If you are just a sucker for french toast or want to try our campfire version then the procedure is a bit different as it is not a filled toast. You can easily make french toast as you would at home, just with the pan over the fire instead of the stove. The classic version is toast dipped in a mixture of egg, milk, sugar and cinnamon and then cooked on both sides in a buttery pan, but you can easily adapt the dipping mixture if you prefer other tastes! You can make it even more campfire friendly and avoid the pan by wrapping a cut out loaf of bread (or as many pieces of toast as you’d like) first in parchment paper and then in foil so the loaf is standing up and covered on the bottom half. Then pour the dipping mixture over the loaf to cover the toast in the mixture and cover it with foil on the top half so the dipping mixture stays in with the loaf. If you are making french toast this option is super easy, but if you are only making a few pieces it might be quicker to make them on the pan as the foil packed loaf has to cook for 40 minutes over the fire.  

2. Breakfast rolls 

If you are a sucker for breakfast rolls then these are also easy to make when you go camping! You can make open rolls that you build right before eating it, or you can try a breakfast burrito - both types are super easy to make and can easily be adapted to different diets and tastes! 

An open roll is basically just rolled up like a pancake and you can put anything in there. You can make it an egg roll by either adding in scrambled eggs or whisking together one egg (or more if you like) and pour it onto the pan as if you were making an omelette. Then layer the tortilla pancake on top while the egg is still slightly wet so it will stick together. Then you can add any sauce, meat and greens that you want - making a roll around a sausage is an easy way to go. If you add in small things just close it up in one end to prevent it from falling out. 

Breakfast burritos can easily be prepared from home, the evening before or just in the morning - and can be made in one pan! You just roast the veggies and meats you want in a pan and then add some spices and eggs. Then you fill the burritos with this filling and add some cheese, before packing them up in foil. You can use most veggies like potato, carrot, beatroot, zucchini, corn, beans or whatever you fancy, as long as you cut them into small pieces before adding them. When it’s breakfast time you just grill the burritos over the fire and you’ve got yourself a nice warm breakfast burrito! 

3. Brekkie burger 

Everyone loves a good burger, so why not make a breakfast burger? You can easily grill any patty and/or sausage (meat or veggie) over the fire, fry some eggs on your pan and add any kind of cheese and sauce that you like. If you add cheese you can pack the whole burger in a little foil pack and leave it over the fire for a bit until the cheese is melted. You can choose to make your own buns or biscuits either on site or at home, or you use any kind of bun that you think would go well with a breakfast burger - maybe an English muffin could be delicious?  

4. Sweet tooth breakfast

Camping Breakfast Ideas pancakes

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth then you can still have it satisfied with our sweet tooth camping breakfast ideas. You can easily make some amazing breakfast pancakes or even some cinnamon rolls. 

There are many different types of pancakes to make, but for the campfire those thick American pancakes are just perfect! You can easily make the flour mix from home and then add in milk and eggs right before baking them. If you want to give them a little twist, then you can turn them into banana pancakes by adding some mashed banana to the dough. You can also choose to add in some blueberries, strawberry pieces, or anything you can imagine to give the pancakes your own twist! 

The cinnamon rolls are easiest to make with store bought dough if you want to make them at the campsite - you can of course always bake them from home and heat them over the campfire, but we like them fresh ;). In some countries you can also buy cinnamon rolls in a can so this is another option. If cinnamon rolls in a can is not a thing in your country or you just don’t fancy that, then a store bought dough, some butter, cinnamon and brown sugar is all you need. If you want a lot of filling then these are best baked in a cast iron or foil pack so it doesn’t drip into the fire. But you can also add less filling and then roast them over the fire using a stick or make it as a twister around a stick instead of a roll which is just as delicious! You can be as creative with the shape as you want! If you don’t love cinnamon you can also try a different filling, like nutella, vanilla or something else that hits your sweet spot. 

5. Quick overnight brekkie 

If you have a long day of activities ahead of you or you need to get an early start and just want a quick and easy breakfast that is still very filling (and healthy) overnight oats will be great for you! The basis of overnight oats is always the same: porridge oats, chia seeds and liquid. You can then add things like banana or other fruits and peanut butter or whatever you fancy and even some spices like cinnamon. You can also change up the liquid you use, by using water, milk or even juice! 

Try out some of these camping breakfast ideas on your next trip and find your favourite! You can also check out our blogs about easy camping lunches, snacks and dinner ideas to get some new inspiration for your upcoming trips! Or get the real camp vibe with our campfire specials. Are you new to camping then we’ve got some more camping hacks for you! 

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