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Camping Food Hacks for New Travellers

Camping Food Hacks for New Travellers

Nowadays we are more focused on travelling local and finding unique spots near our houses.

Nowadays we are more focused on travelling local and finding unique spots near our houses. But the more the camping industry becomes popular, the newer travelers need to know camping food hacks. Unless of course, you are planning on eating out or have already mastered the art of cooking on a campfire, these camping food hacks will literally make your trip 100 percent more authentic.

Camping Food Hacks

1. Store Your Food in the Ground

This hack will be useful for those travelling for more than 2 days to a place with no electricity or fridge. Of course, right now you can get a portable minifridge and charge it from a car. But how about getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new? Find a place near a tree and in the shadows and dig a small(fridge-size) hole in the ground, about one meter deep. This was the way our ancestors kept their food fresh. The ground is colder deeper down, so you can put your food and be sure it will last 3 days at least. But don’t forget to bring a shovel with you, or this would be a long digging process.

2. Open Cans Without a Can Opener 

Another hack is for those always forgetting one important thing. If in a hurry you missed to grab a can opener and your whole food supply is indeed just canned goods, don’t worry we got you covered. Just find a relatively big rock with a flat side near your campsite and start rubbing the can on it as hard as you can. Usually, it takes 3-5 minutes to open it and then you can have yourself a nice meal.

3. Spices in Tic-Tac Containers

When camping out you need to be reasonable about what you take with you because the car can only fit as much. Because of that reason, there is a nice lifehack that can help you keep all the big spice boxes at home but still keep your ingredients organized. Just get a couple of empty tic-tac boxes and put you spices, salt and pepper inside. The size of those little boxes is enough to fill in the spices for a short trip. Just don’t forget to put a label on those boxes.

4. Bulk up on Foil

This one is not really a hack but it sure is a good tip. Camping requires some level of creativity and organization. You always need to remember important things to take but also minimize the luggage. But there is one thing you shouldn’t cut out of your camping shop list and that being simple foil. Foil is useful for cooking food in a campfire. Just wrap lightly seasoned potatoes in a foil and put in the campfire, 30 minutes and you will have the best potatoes ever created by a human. So, foil is a lifesaver for a camping trip.

5. Make some coffee pouch

Are you a long-term coffee addict? This hack will help you keep your addiction in place and also save from drinking instant coffee. Put some ground coffee in a filter and tie it up with a floss or a thread. Make a couple coffee pouches like that for every day you are out in the woods. And then in the morning, put one of the pouches inside of a boiling kettle, the water will absorb coffee and you will get yourself a nice, filtered drink.

Cooking on Campfire Recipes

When you are out in nature, there is nothing better than a nice warm meal cooked on a campfire. Of course, not all of us are skillful cooks, so some easy-to-make campfire recipes are a must for a camping trip. 

6. Omelet in a Bag

This one is quite simple and will be useful for those trying to cook a big meal for the whole travel group. Get yourself a zip lock bag and then pour in the omelet mixture and add any toppings you like. Put the bag in a pot of boiling water and shake the bag constantly until the eggs are cooked. This is simple and as tasty as it can get, especially when eating outside enjoying the nice view.

7. Apple Pie in a Can

This recipe is one of those life hacks you will definitely use because of its simplicity. Just get some premade dough, cut apples and sprinkle them with some cinnamon and nutmeg, end sugar. Put the dough in an empty can and shape it as if you are making pie, put the apples inside and put it in just on the outside of the campfire, where there is hot coal but not the actual fire. 20 minutes and Voila you have yourself a delicious homemade dessert. Nice tip: make this for the whole group and eat the pie whilst looking at the stars.

At the end, camping and cooking are both about creativity. So, enjoy your vacation and use your savvy to try new hacks and recipes. Are you looking for a campsite where you can cook on the open fire, here you can find an overview of <camp spaces that allow campfires>!

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