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Camping with alpacas: new wave in eco-tourism.

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Top countries for farm campsites

Nowadays, sustainability has become one of the main priorities for future developments.

One trend, in particular, will not leave you unsatisfied, the so-called animal tourism or camping with alpacas or any other farm animals. Don’t worry, no one will make sleep with the chickens or milk a cow. On a contrary, camping with alpacas will help you relax and feel the benefits of this kind of animal therapy.

With the major tourist cities closed down and always crowded attractions forgotten, the trend for local eco-friendly tourism is growing significantly. Therefore, there are more cozy and unique places opening their doors to responsible travelers.

Alpaca farm camping in Belgium

Alpacas are the world’s softest animals. Originating in South America and now residing in Belgium at alpaca farm campings, they are famous for their bold eyes and tender fur. Alpacas are very social animals in general and prefer to be in herds. Moreover, they are not like other animals’ and differ from others by their distinct manners and cleanliness, which is defiantly a plus when it comes to staying overnight at a farm. Another fun fact is that those animals not only know how to spit but do it on the regular. But no need to worry, they are only spitting at each other in times of distress.

In general, alpacas are far from being aggressive and they rarely kick or fight with each other or humans. Although, they are divas who enjoy lots of attention towards them and might feel jealous if you are friendlier with their mate than with them. But at the end of the day looking in those huge eyes just brings such a sense of joy that is difficult to find elsewhere.

Surprisingly Belgium has to offer a lot of alpaca farm camping opportunities. You can find a place that offers its guests to walk alpaca on a leash around the woods, feed with a little milk bottle, or even take a bath together. The activities are so diverse and versatile, everyone will find something they would enjoy. But what is useful to know when deciding on an alpaca farm camping? Here is a small checklist to pick the best possible place.

1. Check the conditions animals live in.

It should be a wide-open space with lots of grass and a separate place for a toilet. Moreover, it is useful to check if there is a padlock or animal houses, for alpacas to be able to hide when they need to.

2. Make sure the animals are not exploited or treated badly.

It is hard to know about this aspect simply after checking out the website of a farm. Although, you can form a perception of conditions there, by checking the activities the farm has to offer and the general attitude they have towards the animals on the website. The animals should be provided essentials and like food and water but also allowed to hide away from noisy guests when they have to. Also, alpacas like walking around on a leash, but ensure that the farm will help you navigate the process.

3. Look at the souvenirs or products they sell in a farm store.

When visiting an animal farm, you are mostly concerned about the alpacas. But it is also important to check what is sold in the farm store. A lot of times you can find organic or high-quality products there for cheaper. So, if you want to do a little shopping, be sure to check what you need.

4. Go small and local.

And lastly, take time to research the farm and the owners. There are bigger farms that specialize in different animals and there are farms solely based on alpacas. Although more diverse, on bigger farms the caregivers spend less time with each animal. And in the case of alpacas, the social factor is the most important one. They love to have attention and can easily get bored or unmannered if not taken care of properly. So, try picking a family alpaca farm, like this, of Michiel & Stephanie, where you can be sure the animals are treated with care and attention.

What to do in Belgium after visiting alpaca campsite?

Belgium has lots of activities to offer, from techno festivals to alpaca campsites. The most distinct and convenient feature of the country is that everything is close to each other, so you can diversify your day as much as you want. Although, most people would like to stay in a relaxed mood after such animal therapy. Therefore, the activities mentioned will be focused on continuing a vacation filled with mindfulness. 

Start your day with a little hike at a picturesque Vallee du Ninglinspo. Filled with small bridges, this mountain hiking trail can be interesting for both children and adults. The valley is full of beautiful sceneries and wildlife. This place is truly magical and would definitely calm you even more on the way to the next stop. After doing a little hiking workout, you should let yourself relax at one of the closes by spas. Get yourself a massage or lay in front of a pool and reminisce on an eventful weekend you had. And after that, you can stay and get more treatments or finish a day off with a little adrenaline rush for the old times' sake. If you picked the last option, go visit a Walibi Amusement Park. The park has lots of rides and roller coasters to offer, along with various restaurants and activities. Although less focused on nature, this place will bring that inner child in you out and get the blood pumping again. 

To conclude, this year we are staying local and what an amazing opportunity there is to explore your own or close by countries. If you are a travel enthusiast who likes to try unique vacation ideas, try camping on an animal farm. And you will definitely have amazing stories to tell your friend about that one day you made friends with an alpaca. So, book yourself an alpaca campsite, get your stuff and enjoy the most adventurous weekend of all!

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