Camping spots nearby popular festivals

Are you going to the popular dance festival Tomorrowland this year, having fun at Rock Werchter, or visiting another event at De Schorre in Boom? Have you bought tickets for Tomorrowland, but no overnight stay yet? If you plan to enjoy the festival for several days and are you looking for a unique place to stay to complete your weekend? Then you've come to the right place. These unique camping pitches are located in the vicinity of the festival site and are easy to reach. So pack your camping gear and experience a unique weekend. 

The advantage of mini campings near the festival

You know, walking around the festival campsite in search of your tent that seems untraceable, waiting an eternity for a shower that is free, or stumbling on people or branches in the dark. In addition to the advantage of being close to the site, the large festival campsites also have a few disadvantages. Are you looking for a more unique camping spot this year that offers both cheaper and more tax options? Then these camping spots located around the festival site are suitable for you. For example, camp among the alpacas or camp at a mini campsite with other Tomorrowland fans. At these mini campsites, you can start your day quietly before you head out for another day to party.

Cheap overnight stays close to Tomorrowland or Rock Werchter

Another advantage of camping at these mini campsites is that they are often cheaper than a camping spot at the festival campsite. This is because this mini campsite is managed by local hosts who like to share their pasture with the festival fans. This way you can save some money to buy cool merchandise from your favorite artist later on.

One thing is certain. You will experience a special time at these mini campsites close to the festival site.

Are you looking for something different than camping close to a festival site? Then take a look at this mini campsites in Belgium.

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