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Reconnect Outside
Camp between the animals

Camp between the animals

Waking up with the sounds of the rooster, chickens or cows around you? That's possible! There are enough places where you share your camping spot with one or more of them. There are even places where you can take your own horse.

Imagine, you wake up slowly, you hear something. A sound. It sounds like someone is enjoying their breakfast. Not a human, but an Alpaca! Sleeping among the animals feels special. It's like you're connecting with nature even more than when you're regular camping.

All the fun of camping with just that little bit of extra fun. Cuddling and petting animals. For example, cows or goats or maybe even alpacas. We have listed all the camping spots at the farmer with animals. just for you. This makes your trip to nature even easier to find.

Camping at the farm

The animals, and of course the hosts, always welcome you with great joy. The hosts are happy to share fun stories or give you all the privacy you need. One thing is certain, animals are an endless source of entertainment. But if the cuddling becomes a bit too much for you, there are always other activities you can do on a Campspace.

For example, go canoeing, swimming, lighting a fire or just take a walk through nature. There is always plenty of room to express your creativity when it comes to coming up with a daytime activity. Just like the choice with how much you go on an adventure. Go with the kids, just your partner or with friends.

Do you want camp at the farm, but not necessarily with animals? Or are you looking for a place where you can take your own pet? Everything to find your perfect Campspace.

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