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    Normandy is a peaceful region, rich in natural landscapes and gastronomy, so make the most of it! Between apple trees, on a horse farm or with a view of Mont-Saint-Michel, Campspace offers you the most beautiful camping in Normandy.

    Camping Normandy: the region 

    In Europe, Normandy is best known for its connection with the D-Day landings and the Second World War, but if you take the time to visit this region you will discover its many facets and its natural, cultural and gastronomic side, not to mention the brillian camping Normandy has to offer. Discover all campsites in Normandy ! 

    The Normandy region is located in the northwest of France. It is bordered by the English Channel and the Hauts-de-France, Île-de-France, Centre-Val de Loire, Pays de la Loire and Brittany. It is divided into 5 departments and 2 parts: you can camp in Lower Normandy and Upper Normandy. Normandy is nationally and internationally known for its local products: Camembert, Caen tripe, cider and Calvados... It is also famous for its landscapes such as the high white chalk cliffs of the Côte d'Albâtre, the Mont-Saint-Michel, and also for its rural character. Book a campsite in Normandy and take the time to breathe in the sea air at the top of your lungs!

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    Going camping in Normandy 

    Camping in Normandy is popular with French and international tourists. There are many campsites to choose from, whether in towns, by the sea or in the countryside. The flat, rural landscape provides the ideal conditions for camping in Normandy. There are many wide open spaces that would be perfect for camping. But beware of the regulations concerning wild camping in France, it is not allowed everywhere and especially by the sea... Don't panic! On Campspace, you can find all the spaces proposed by our hosts for camping in Normandy. With the Campspace platform you can book now in our 23 camping spaces in Normandy! 

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    Camping with tent in Normandy

    The camping in Normandy offers a unique experience combining nature and history. Pitch your tent in the heart of this picturesque region and you'll wake up to breathtaking views of the D-Day landing beaches and the green Normandy bocage.

    Camping tente Normandie

    Camping with your motorhome in Normandy

    Exploring Normandy by motorhome is an adventure of discovery and flexibility. The region's vast landscapes offer travellers the freedom to go wherever they please, from the cliffs of Étretat to the historic D-Day beaches.

    Glamping in Normandy 

    Glamping in Normandy is a luxurious experience that combines comfort and nature in an exceptional way. Nestled in enchanting landscapes, glamping sites offer stylish accommodation such as safari tents or tree houses, allowing travellers to connect with nature without sacrificing comfort.

    Unmissable activities while camping Normandy 

    There is no shortage of activities to take part in while on a camping trip in Normandy. Water sports enthusiasts can go kayaking, windsurfing, kitesurfing or surfing. Go surfing on the coast, go boating on the Seine, learn to paddle and windsurf in the ponds... Water is not your cup of tea? No problem! Follow the hiking trails along the cliffs. Nature lovers can go for long walks in the forests and regional nature parks. History buffs can visit the many castles and museums in the region. Follow the "Route du Cidre", try out one of the many tree climbing parks... And finally, food lovers will be able to taste the local culinary specialities such as cider, cheese and calvados.

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    The different departments of Normandy

    Camping in Calvados (14)

    Calvados is a region located in the northwest of Normandy. Its capital is Caen. If you Google "Calvados", one of the first things you'll see is an alcohol, don't be surprised! It is a strong alcohol made in the Pays d'Auge. Calvados has a lot to offer: like the towns Deauville, Trouville-sur-mer, Honfleur, Houlgate and Cabourg. A very pretty corner of paradise in western Normandy to discover, perfect for camping in Normandy by the sea.

    For camping in Calvados, you can go to Steve and Dawn's house. This is a large rural area of 5 hectares which can accommodate tents, vans, motorhomes and caravans.

    Deauville normandie

    Camping in Eure (27)

    The capital of the Eure is Evreux. In the town of Giverny you can visit the authentic house of the painter Claude Monet. The house and gardens have been preserved in their original state and have become the Claude Monet Foundation, which can be visited all year round. Claude Monet is considered to be one of the founding fathers of Impressionism, and the Musée de l'Impressionnisme is located nearby. On the outskirts of Giverny, try camping in Normandy at Paul-Arnaud's. He offers a large garden for gamping behind a large castle in the Vexin Normand. 

    Camping in the Manche (50) 

    How about a campsite by the beach in Normandy? The name comes from the sea that borders the department. Its capital is Saint-Lô. But this department is mainly known for the one and only Mont-Saint-Michel (no, Mont-Saint-Michel is not Breton, it's Norman).

    To admire it from your bed, go to Avranches, at Zoë's.

    mont saint michel camping normandie campspace

    Camping in Orne (61)

    The Orne is the southernmost department of the Normandy region and borders the Pays de la Loire. Here you will find the small village of Camembert, the famous birthplace of the eponymous cheese. 

    At Mike's you can explore camping in Normandy in a variety of ways: in a caravan, a fully equipped tent or even a gîte.

    Camping in Seine-Maritime (76)

    The Seine-Maritime is probably the department with the most tourist attractions, there is something for everyone. First of all, its capital: Rouen. It is a large city where you can see the famous cathedral and the Gros Horloge. Divided in two by the Seine, it offers different landscapes on the left and right banks. Then, the Seine-Maritime, as its name indicates, is bordered by the sea. 

    The second largest city is Le Havre. Known for its busy seaport, it also has a lot to offer in terms of culture and history. You will find another attractive port towards the north of the department: Dieppe. You can drive along the Côte d'Albâtre to discover breathtaking landscapes and reach the famous cliffs of Etretat. Just next door you will find Fécamp, and you will also find the campspace of Marie. 30 hectares of greenery to discover camping in Normandy in the middle of horses.

    camping normandie campspace chevaux tentes

    We hope you've enjoyed this guide to camping Normandy! Find all the campsites in France and in Europe on Campspace below.

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