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Pays de la Loire

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    The region

    The Pays de la Loire offers camping enthusiasts a wide range of options that are perfect for an outdoor holiday. Beautiful beaches, wooded forests and sparkling rivers all make for an unforgettable camping holiday. Discover the best campsites in the Pays de la Loire, as well as our tips on how to make the most of your nature getaway!

    The Pays de la Loire is situated in the southwest of France. The region is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the south, the Pyrenees to the west and the Loire to the east. Pays de la Loire comprises five departments: Loire-Atlantique (44), Maine-et-Loire (49), Mayenne (53), Sarthe (72) and Vendée (85).

    The Pays de la Loire region is one of the richest regions in France in terms of cultural and historical heritage. The region has been the scene of many wars and conflicts throughout its history, which explains its great cultural diversity. Numerous castles and religious buildings bear witness to the region's eventful past. The Pays de la Loire region is also known for its fine wines and quality agricultural products. Finally, the region's mild and sunny climate attracts many French and foreign tourists every year.

    Camping in the Pays de la Loire 

    Camping and outdoor activities are very popular in France, and the Pays de la Loire region offers an ideal setting for those who want to enjoy nature. The region's beautiful landscapes invite you to hike, cycle or simply walk, while the many lakes and rivers are perfect for a day of swimming or fishing. There are also plenty of opportunities for camping and homestay accommodation, whether in a traditional campsite or in more rustic accommodation such as a yurt or mobile home.

    Camping is a popular activity in this region, due to the beautiful scenery and proximity to beaches. Outdoor enthusiasts can choose from a variety of options, ranging from wilderness campsites to campsites with modern facilities.

    There is so much to see and do in this region that you will not know where to turn! If you're a keen hiker or simply enjoy walking in nature, the Pays de la Loire has a lot to offer. You can discover breathtaking landscapes, go climbing, canoeing, mountain biking, etc. Adventure seekers will also find plenty to do with activities such as canyoning, rafting and paragliding. And if you just want to relax by the water, the many lakes and rivers in the region are just right for you!

    Fauna and flora that you could observe during your camping holiday in the Pays de la Loire

    During your camping holiday in the Pays de la Loire, you will have the opportunity to observe a rich fauna and flora. Among the animals you can see are roe deer, stags, wild boars, hinds, rabbits and squirrels. You can also see many birds such as ducks, swans, herons and woodpeckers. As for the plants, you can admire oak, beech, pine, birch and hazel trees.

    Outdoor activities offered in the Pays de la Loire

    The Pays de la Loire offers a multitude of outdoor activities for all tastes. You can canoe on the rivers and canals, climb the cliffs of the Atlantic coast, or cycle on the many routes that cross the region.

    The Pays de la Loire offers a multitude of towns, villages and natural sites to discover. Among the most popular is the city of Nantes with its castle of the Dukes of Brittany, its botanical gardens and its museum of modern art. The city of Angers is also a popular destination for tourists.

    The village of Montoire-sur-le-Loir is a charming little village on the banks of the river Loir, known for its Richard Anacreon Museum. Hiking enthusiasts will also be delighted to discover the Pilat Regional Nature Park, a magnificent protected natural area with several hiking trails.

    The Pays de la Loire is home to many walking trails that offer magnificent views of the surrounding countryside. Among the best known are the Sentier des douaniers between Pornic and Noirmoutier-en-l'Île, the GR3C between Challans and Saint-Jean-de-Monts and the Sentier du littoral between Sèvres-Anxaumont and Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez. Birdwatchers can go to the Étangs du Vignoble Nantais, while those who want to discover the local flora and fauna can go to one of the many forests in the Pays de la Loire, such as the Forêt domaniale de Chaumontel near Nantes or the Forêt de Fontevraud near Angers.

    The Pays de la Loire region is known for several reasons. One particular dish, kilimini, is very popular in the region. Sport is also very popular in the region, with football and rugby teams that are known throughout the world.

    The departements

    Loire-Atlantique (44) Maine-et-Loire (49) Mayenne (53) Sarthe (72) Vendée (85)

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