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Small Campsites Scotland

Looking for small campsites in Scotland? Below are small campsites for you!

Small Campsites Scotland

Sometimes less is more. Settling at a small campsite for a few nights is all you need to fulfil your needs and wishes of getting away from the city stress! We have gathered the small campspaces you need so that you can enjoy the beautiful nature. 

Scotland is simply a gorgeous country. You can enjoy sceneries of all types from the rocky coastlines to the dramatic mountains, from the rich forests to the still lochs. When you have all the nature you want, you don’t need a large campspace! Fill your lungs with fresh air and wake up to birds singing in the distance, or trees waving. Wake up in the morning and enjoy a cup of coffee, and start your day energised. 

Small campsite activities

When you have access to so much nature, where do you start? If you are happy to stay at your campsite and enjoy some peace, you can get creative with campfire cooking! Want some inspiration? We have created a campfire meals, special edition! If you’re by a like or perhaps by the coast, you can even go fishing and catch your dinner!

Move your body and enjoy a good hike through the nature. You can always combine with activities such as foraging, wild-life spotting, and going for a picnic! Make sure you don’t leave any waste behind to practice respect and safety measures. By choosing these actvitiies, you choose to be sustainable, which is a very healthy and important decision for both you, and the environment. If you nearby a town, you can always rent bikes and cycle through the streets. Go find a local restaurant and support small businesses if you want to buy souvenirs. Our hosts are always happy to give you tips and recommendations if you need. 

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So, make sure to book your getaway and ensure you get the mini break you deserve! 

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