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Micro campsites Belgium

Small adventures are waiting for you. You don't have to travel far to step out of your daily routine and reconnect with nature again. Visiting a campspace is contact-free. In this way, we all support the local economy and limit our footprint.

Are the piles of work too much and is the urge for an "escape" from the stress present? Then go on holiday close to home, you see it more and more, especially in these uncertain times. Bring your tent, camper or just your clothes and stay at one of these beautiful mini campsites in Belgium.

Spend the night with friends, your partner, or with yourself in nature and let yourself go. Go mountain climbing and enjoy the view. Get active and go kayaking or canoeing. You choose where you stay and which activities you will do. Set the bar high and create challenges for yourself or let yourself go and enjoy the surroundings and the tranquility.

Why camp in Belgium?

Going on holiday in Belgium brings some advantages and not just because it's close by. People generally speak the same language, which is great if you want to visit nice places or want to know where you can eat well. Belgium offers a different kind of landscape than the Netherlands. And don't forget, of course, the delicious fries and warm waffles.

Be surprised by the feeling of peace and space that the mini campsites can offer you. Rediscover nature and book your mini-adventure now.

Many trips have been canceled due to corona and holidays have gone wrong. fortunately, it can also be done in a safe way and you don't have to travel far! You can camp close to the property with a suitable distance also with landlords in the yard.

We advise all hosts and campers who show symptoms of illness to reschedule or cancel any travel plans or hosting guests.

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