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Romantic camping on private ground in Belgium

Romantic camping on private ground in Belgium

What's not romantic about camping in meadows and next to lakes. Set your tent in the beautiful landscapes of the Ardennes and let nature embrace you.

Want to escape from the daily stress? Then go on an adventure with your boyfriend or girlfriend to one of these romantic mini campsites. Maybe you are looking for a romantic destination for a special anniversary or you just want to surprise your partner. Whether you go camping with your own tent or choose a romantic accommodations, you are guaranteed to find the peace and space to start a new adventure.

Camping with your own tent

What is more romantic than starting an adventure together and going completely back to the basics. Watching your partner start a fire or snuggle together while you look at a beautiful starry sky.

Romantic accommodations

With the two of them you can cozy up in a glamping tent, cabin, or a special gypsy wagon that is equipped with every luxury and comfort. Or something more back to basic where you may have to cuddle more on a cold night. Some of the accommodations are equipped with good food and drinks and even a hot tub. Enjoy the privacy that these mini campsites offer.

Campspace offers a lot of private ground in Belgium. Go out and be inspired by local stories and great surroundings.

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Spent a little too much lately? We also have a large number of budget-friendly camping sites. Prepare for a special experience.

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