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Romantic and private camping at the smallest campsites in the Netherlands

Holland does not have that much of a mountain range, but still has beautiful views to offer. Enjoy beautiful landscapes, spend the night surrounded by animals, or go camping in the woods with your partner.

Would you like to camp with your partner soon? We have listed the smallest and most romantic mini campsites for you. In daily life, we tend to lose ourselves in our own thoughts and forget to give the necessary attention to our partner. Mini campings are an ideal way to get closer to each other. Don’t be bothered by neighbors or passers-by. At these places, you are completely alone, so that you can focus and enjoy what is really important.

Start your romantic adventure by meeting the landlord. Set up your gear, explore the landscapes, and experience the area together. Enjoy the sunset that slowly transforms the landscape and finally usher in the night. Get together and rest.

Are you looking for a quiet camping spot with your children? Book a micro-adventure with the family now.

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