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The most unique, budget friendly and small campsites

The most unique, budget friendly and small campsites

Sometimes finding a budget proof camping is difficult. But we've got you covered! From budget friendly, small campings in the Netherlands all the way to Italy and Spain.

Cheap camping near me

You can make camping as expensive or as cheap as you want. It mainly depends on your camping accommodation and where you pitch your tent or camper. Nevertheless, it can sometimes be difficult to find a budget-friendly campsite. Fortunately, these campsites can be found at Campspace. We make sure you can camp without overspending on your next trip.  Are you looking for 'cheap camping near me'? Just filter your location, so that you can find all the cheapest campsites nearby!

Looking for a budget vacation? Our hosts got you covered. It doesn't have to be expensive to experience and share stories with locals, friends and family. Enjoy nature without having to spend much. Campspace and the hosts are offering a lot of special camping spots. Like micro camping where your pet is welcome to join. 

Find you cheap stay with Campspace

Looking for a budget holiday? Campspace is happy to help you, together with our hosts. Because it doesn't have to be expensive to experience great things. First of all, choose a campspace that falls within your price range. You can find campsites for as little as ten euros a night! In addition, the host can give you all sorts of tips on things to do in the area. Going on a cycling or walking tour is a fun and active experience - and cheap too. 

The sites on our site are very varied: micro campsites where dogs are also welcome, farm campsites or other places where you can camp among animals, sites in a forest or even by a lake. Depending on the place, you might also go swimming or, for a more cultural experience, visit monuments. 

In the evening, light the fire and huddle together to discuss the day. Meanwhile, roast some potatoes in the fire for a cheap but delicious meal. For dessert, a few marshmallows and your day is complete. 

Some of our suggestions: check out Frits' campspace in the north of the Netherlands, or go hiking on the Pieterpad and spend the night at Peter's campspace. Would you like to explore a city on a tight budget? Then you can come and camp in Luc's backyard, in the middle of Antwerp. Unique, in the middle of the city and cheap! So you have money left for the terrace.

Cheap camping

For less than € 20 per night you can enjoy a holiday with your partner, your children, your friends or your pet. Easily accessible, with a wide range of activities to do. Perfect for a weekend break or a longer holiday. All to let go of your stress and enjoy life to the full. 

Looking for something else? Is romantic camping perhaps what you are looking for? No problem. Campspace is happy to help you book your ideal mini camping holiday, whatever you are looking for.

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