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The most unique, budget friendly and small campsites

Sometimes finding a budget proof camping is difficult. Especially if you want it to agree with your own wishes. Yet, these kind of campings are definitely somewhere to find. From Budget friendly, small campings in the Netherlands to Italy and Spain.

Looking for a budget vacation? Our hosts got you covered. It doesn't have to be expensive to experience and share stories with locals, friends and family. Enjoy nature without having to spend much. Campspace and the hosts are offering a lot of special camping spots. Like micro camping where your pet is welcome to join. 

You can choose between camping between animals, in a forest or even by a lake. Enjoy activities like cycling, walking, jogging, or canoeing. Or light a fire and bake some marshmallows. Relax and experience nature for what it is. Far away from the city.

For way under €20 euros a night you can enjoy your holidays with a partner, your kids, friends or your pet. Easily accessible, with a wide range of activities to do. Perfect for a quick trip on a weekend. All to let go of your stress and enjoy life to the fullest.

Still, looking for something else? Is romantic camping maybe what you've been looking for? Not a problem at all. Campspace would love to help you find your perfect mini camping.

Find your sustainable getaway

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