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Farm Campsites

Farm Campsites

Farm campsites bring you closer to nature and friendly animals. Book your stay and support the farmers!

Farm Campsites

Farm campsites are fun, spacious and great for kids

Imagine waking up amongst curious alpacas, happy cows and lively chickens. Experience true farm life at our cosy private campsites and wake up when the farm wakes up (or don't). With the sun rising and setting in the distance behind the trees, farm campsites can be the ultimate way to unwind, be social and have fun with animals.

Surround yourself with the natural sounds of the farm animals grazing and birds singing. A unique experience you won’t forget and a great idea for your children's first experience with an outdoor holiday or camping.

 Make sure you allow yourself to experience the true countryside at our many farm campsites. Stay cosy at some of our amazing accommodations or bring your own tent.  No need to sacrifice any comfort as you can design your camping holiday yourself. A farmer's campsite guarantees cosiness, a rich local experience as well as being small-scale and budget-friendly. 

Farm campsites for animal lovers 

If you’re an animal lover, farm campsites are such a fun way of spending your time! Farms are also very spacious, so there’s many way to keep the whole family active.

Bring your family, your kids or your travel friends and have fun playing games together, go fishing, or walking in the countryside. Perhaps you’ll get a nice tour from the hosts themselves. Want to do nothing and pet the cows all day? Get your hands dirty and experience true farm life by feeding the animals? Lay back in the sun with a piece of straw in your mouth? It's now or never – choose a farm campsite to experience rural farmlife like a real farmer.

Last but not least, you'll have the chance to discover the hospitality and pleasure of camping at a farm. Your farm campsite adventure awaits!

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