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Camping in Limburg Belgium

Camping in Limburg Belgium

Planning a camping trip to Limburg Belgium? Or just looking for the perfect getaway? We have made a list of our favourite campsites in Limburg Belgium!

Worth knowing about Limburg Belgium

Belgium offers an interesting mix of culture and language on top of the beautiful nature. The country has 10 provinces, the northern half are known as Flanders and are Dutch-speaking and the southern half are known as Wallonia and are French-speaking. Limburg is part of the Flanders region and lies furthest to the east where the beautiful Meuse River serves as the border to The Netherlands. The Limburg region is split between Belgium and The Netherlands. Both are great places for a camping trip, but here we have gathered some inspiration for your next camping trip to Limburg Belgium.

Campsites in Limburg Belgium

No matter if you want to experience the south or the north, the remote or the cities we have a camp space for you to go camping in Limburg Belgium! We have several hosts in and around some of Limburg’s charming cities, sharing their backyards with travellers like yourself, who want the local experience. If you want to escape city life and reconnect with nature that is also possible! Whether you prefer to be between nature reserves, in or next to a forest, or along the river there is a camp space waiting for you! You can choose between a variety of camping spots offering anything from back to basics to glamping experiences. Some of our lovely hosts even have jaccucies that you can relax in after a long day discovering the area! So what are you waiting for? Find your perfect spot for camping in Limburg Belgium. 

Here are our favourite campsites in Limburg Belgium: 

1. Campsite Idyllic Forest Edge

Choose between glamping or camping at an idyllic camp space near the forest. The forest is a great place for hikes and bike rides. You will also have great opportunities to enjoy the wildlife here, in the area you can spot deer, hear owls calling and bats dancing in the night. Here you will be really close to nature with great facilities! 

2. Campsite Tipi Camp

If you are looking for a place to go with a big group, Limburg might just be the place! In spring and summer you can go camping between two nature reserves in a tipi camp! You will have all the facilities you need, you just have to make up your mind about how you want to experience the area: by foot, bike or horse. Either way you can relax around the campfire after a long day of exploring. 

3. Campsites Secluded Forest & Peaceful Ponds

Are you in need of some digital detox and serious nature reconnection? We have two camp spaces that are just perfect for you. You can escape to the forest in Dilserbos nature reserve where you can experience some very secluded camping. Or if water is more your thing, you can recharge next to some secluded ponds in a peaceful area! Whichever you choose you can be sure to get back down to earth. 

4. Campsite Little Bit More

The best of both worlds is found at one of our camp spaces in Bosland! Here you have infinite hiking trails, cycling and mountain bike options but if you just want to relax you can kick back and enjoy the hot tub! The hosts also have horses, goats, chickens, dogs and cats that you can also enjoy spending time with. You can even bring your own horse!

Want to discover more of the Province? Get inspiration from our favourite activities in Limburg, Belgium!

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