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Bas & Eelco’s winter road trip to the sun

Bas & Eelco’s winter road trip to the sun

Are you a surfer, ocean lover, or just looking for inspiration for your next adventure? Then pack up your camper and head to France and Spain this winter!

By: Mary Deasy

In October 2021, Eelco and Bas (Campspace team members) took a camper through France and Northern Spain. As big surfers they enjoyed all the atlantic had to offer.They stopped at campspaces, enjoyed fun outdoor activities, and explored stunning locations. These adventures were made easier due to their transportation mode- a camper. Not only did it give them the freedom to do whatever, whenever but it also allowed them to cook, stay warm and sleep without having to unpack and pitch a tent. 

Pack your campervan or rent one from Goboony and go explore southern europe this year with Bas & Eelco’s winter road trip to the sun itinerary. 


Begin your journey with a night at Arnaud’s farm which overlooks the beautiful countryside. Enjoy their delicious pancakes before heading out to explore Brittany - walk along the canals, visit famous sites such as Mont-Saint Michel bay, Saint Malo, and Concarneau or enjoy historic cities such as Rennes. The activities are endless - the coast is great for surfing, kayaking or animal spotting while the cities are filled with history and delicious food.


Lacanau is a top surfing destination with events such as Lacanau Pro which are a part of the World surfing championships. With vast sandy beaches, Lacanau is a must visit for any fan of board sports. The countryside also boasts unspoiled lakes and pine forests filled with exhilarating bike paths. Nearby is Bordeaux, a food and history rich city lined with Michelin stars restaurants, world renowned wineries, and famous artists and architecture. Spend a couple nights at Annette’s campspace to fully enjoy all the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region has to offer. 


Before heading into Spain to spend the night at Elker’s campspace, get an early start and make a day trip at Biarritz. This stunning, imperial style city is known as one of the most elegant city and beach destinations in the country. Lined with beautiful mansions, beach villas, clean beaches, and chic restaurants this city makes for a perfect day visit. Grande Plage is their most famous beach and during the summer it is dotted with sunbathers whilst in the fall lifeguards are on duty - keeping an eye on surfers. If you choose to go surfing this fall or winter, be aware that  at particular periods, swimming, bathing or surfing may not be allowed if the current is too strong. After enjoying the water, head into the city to explore the elegant squares and avenues.


A little over 2 hours from Biarritz, you will enter Secadura in the Cantabria region. Stay with Elker’s before heading out to explore all the Cantabria region has to offer - from impressive mountain ranges to spectacular valleys and a coastline full of beautiful beaches and small fishing harbours.  San Vicente de la Barquera is a picturesque fishing town along the coast with a backdrop of the Picos de Europa mountains. Once used as a base and considered a site of cultural heritage, the town can trace its roots back to Roman times. Step inside the Church of Santa MarÍa de los Angeles, explore the Castillo del Rey and walk across the Maza Bridge. If you are looking to use your surfboard in Cantabria, visit the playa de gerra.

Cangas de Onís

Conclude your road trip by heading west to the Asturias region to spend the night at Claudia’s wild mountain retreat at the foothills of the Picos in the town of Cangas de Onís. Book the campspace for yourself and enjoy the panoramic view with a free welcome drink. Immerse yourself in lush forests, marshlands and stunning mountains- Near Cangas de Onis is the Picos de Europa National Park. Here, you can explore their trails, lakes, and limestone formations - Pack your binoculars and you might spot a golden eagle! Nearby is Covadonga Sanctuary and the sacred cave Santa Cuevalying just above a waterfall. 

These locations were all recommended by Bas & Eelco from Campspace who recently took a winter road trip to the sun with their surfboards. If you are looking to escape the cold this winter, book your next trip to France and Spain to stay at our campervan friendly campspaces. Enjoy the convenience and freedom of the campervan whilst exploring these must see locations.

Let us know if you found this road trip itinerary useful!

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