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Frequently Asked Questions

The weather’s terrible! What should I do?

You can reschedule your scout visit by contacting the host and confirming a new date. Once the host has approved the new date, contact scout@campspace.com so we can update your booking. Bad weather doesn’t necessarily mean a bad scout visit though! If you’re up for it, go anyway – you might get some beautiful photos despite the weather.

I can't get in touch with the host.

Please contact scout@campspace.com if your host is not responding.

How do I cancel my scout visit?

Please contact the host directly to let them know that you’ll be cancelling and why. If possible, try to reschedule your scout visit with them. If you can’t reschedule the visit, please email scout@campspace.com to cancel the booking.

What should I include in my written review on the campspace’s listing?

Include what you would personally find helpful in a review, and be honest. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • How was the campspace in terms of appearance, cleanliness and upkeep?
  • How did you find your experience with the host?
  • What can you explore in the area? Are there activities to take part in?
  • How would rate  the facilities available on the campspace?
  • What tips would you like to pass on to the next guests?
What's the deadline for delivery of photos?

Please upload edited photos within 3 days of your scout visit. If you take longer than this  we’ll give you a reminder. Late photos and general unresponsiveness can put you at risk of being removed from the scout programme.

How will I know if I’m approved as a scout?

As long as you’ve provided all the required answers and assets, you’ll receive a response to your application via email within a week of submitting.

The host has Campspace-related questions. Who should I direct them to?

Our support team is ready to answer all their question. They can email support@campspace.com or call 085 002 6218.

What kind of types of photos should I take? How many photos am I expected to take per assignment?

Please reference the Campspace Photographer Guidelines for insight into how many and what kind of photos to take.

Do you pay for travel expenses?

No, we don’t cover travel expenses.

How many scout assignments can I claim?

The sky’s the limit. You can go on as many or as few scout visits as you like and we’d encourage you to claim assignments whenever you can. That being said, each campspace can only be scouted once. This means that the most special places are often chosen by the most active scouts.

How actively do I need to participate in the Scout Programme?

Since we need to make sure our scout community is reliable and active, if you sign up and don’t scout a campspace for more than a year, you may be removed from the programme.

How does the scout programme work?

As a Campspace scout you can stay for free at unique campspaces in exchange for photographing them and writing a review. Once you’ve had your application approved, you’ll gain access to a special digital environment where you can claim free overnight stays for scouts. Choose a date that suits you for visiting and taking photos, then take a day trip or stay overnight at the campspace in question. During your visit, you’ll be tasked with capturing images of the camping pitch, RV site, yurt, or tree house along with the overall experience of the adventure.

What kind of campspaces will I visit as a Campspace scout?

There are campspaces to scout all over Europe. New campspaces are added to our roster  every day. All campspaces available to scout can be found in the Scout Programme’s digital environment. They range from tent pitches in gardens, forests and fields and historical ruins, to cosy cabins, treehouses and yurts!

What does being a Campspace scout entail?

Campspace scouts combine relaxing trips with a creative endeavour by visiting our campspaces across Europe for free. In exchange for photos and a review of the accommodation or pitch, you’ll get a chance to pitch your tent or park your campervan somewhere wonderful.

Where can I sign up to be a Campspace scout?

If you want to become a Campspace scout you can sign up here.

What is required to become a Campspace scout?

To become a Campspace scout, we ask for you to share your best outdoor photographs. 

Admittance is based on:

  • The quality of your photos
  • Do you take inspiring photos?

As a scout, you will visit campspaces and tell their story through photography. Hosts will make their campspace available in exchange for free professional photography. Thus, it is important for us to see your outdoor photography experience to get an indication of your skills before we can send you to a campspace.

Can I book a scout visit for two or more nights?

No. As per the agreement, your host is only required to provide  one night free. This should be enough to get a good impression of the campspace. You're welcome to book additional nights separately as a regular guest.

Can I bring a friend on my scout visit?

Yes! Your friend is more than welcome to come along on your scouting adventure. It’s more enjoyable and if they agree to be your model, it’s a great way to make your photos more lively!

Do I get paid as a Scout?

No,  but you get a free overnight stay, and you can bring a partner or friend along too!. If you would like to earn extra income, please take a look at the host referral programme.

How do I get access to the Scout dashboard?

In a few days after your scout application, you will receive an email and hear if you will get access to the Scout dashboard and join the scout community. 

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