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Cheap Camping Holidays in the UK

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    Looking for cheap camping holidays in the UK? Campspace has various options for you to choose from!

    Cheap camping holidays in the UK

    Everyone needs a holiday, but sometimes our financial situation isn’t in our favour. At Campspace, we want to provide opportunities for people to go on holidays locally, and more often! How does a weekend getaway multiple times a month, all while being budget-friendly, sound? There’s no need to pay for overpriced, imported, and preserved food, while you can access the freshest and healthiest produce from your own country. 

    Countryside views are spectacular in the UK, you can visit the charming towns by bike or foot and support the local farmers. 

    Tips on how to stick to a low budget

    Camping if anything is one of the most budget-friendly holiday options that exist!

    • Invest in a hammock and (if you already have one), use it! Ranging from 15 to 60 British pounds, you’ll have a place to sleep for endless amounts of nights outdoors! They barely weigh anything, they’re fun and can be brought almost anywhere with trees! The price of one hammock for multiple nights is the price of a single night at existing accommodation! 

    • Home-cooked meals! What is camping without the fun of grilling your own meal over the fireplace and getting creative with your ingredients! Camping food is very simple, delicious, and gives you proper energy. Stay at a host who has a farm campspace and try out the local produce! Fresh, organic, and tastes way better than anything bought in the chain stores. 

    • Go a weekend without specific facilities! Many of our hosts have eco-toilets, for example. There’s no need to have access to running hot water at all times or electric heating. We have our own natural heating systems, it’s all about bringing and wearing proper insulating and breathable materials! You can still go on a cheap camping holiday at a campspace with facilities too!

    • Rent or bring your bike! Bikes are great to rent out because they’re an easy way to explore the area that’s faster than walking. 

    So, there you have it! There are various cheap camping holiday options you can choose from, so don’t wait, and go relax without hurting your wallet!

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