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Special camping in England

England, a country with so much beauty in nature. Especially the coastlines such as the Jurassic Coast and the White Cliffs of Dover you must have seen once in your life. Of course, the extensive inland meadows and the local English pubs are also recommended. Wherever you camp, there will always be something nearby. In every village, every city you will find the special and almost picturesque architecture. Beautiful buildings, such as old castles that you can reach via winding country roads.

Nature in England

Take the well-known Lake District, for example, great for a nice walk along or to shoot your new profile picture. The cystal-like water always provides a beautiful view. What always produces a beautiful photo is when you go to the Peak district. Almost the same name, but very different. Here you will find an unspoiled nature reserve to explore. It is very close to Scotland, but it is definitely worth a visit. But the main thing in England is the sheep on the meadows, the long stone walls that stretch over the hills and the ever-changing view that can also change enormously per season. It provides the real camping feeling.

Accommodation in England

Still not convinced of what England has to offer? Then the host of your future camping spot can also tell you a lot. After all, you are not completely alone when you go on a camping holiday. Discover with your partner, friends, a family member or together with your host what you can do in England. Whether you sleep in a yurt, a wooden cabin, your own tent or a caravan, there is always plenty to do. So what are you waiting for, reconnect outside!

Are you looking for something different than special camping in England? We also have special camping spots in, for example, France. 

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