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The Best Camping Hacks for Your Camping Experience

The Best Camping Hacks for Your Camping Experience

Whether you’re a new or an experienced camper, this list of camping hacks can always come in handy!

You’re either curious, considering a camping trip or you have already booked and are preparing for one. So now what? You are fortunately in good hands as we have created a list of fun tips and tricks for you. Whether you are new to camping, already experienced, or just curious, understanding what to bring and what to do depending on your situation is important. Here is your list of camping hacks.

Basics & Essential Camping Hacks

Before we go on, we firts will answer the question: what are camping hacks? Well, it is simple. Camping hacks are very useful tricks and guides that can make your camping experience easier, better, more comfortable, and overall more fun.

We start with the basics. Prioritizing safety and comfort first will secure a pleasant trip and we want all our travelers and hosts to prevent any inconveniences that can be prevented simply by ticking the basics off your list of worries. 

Camping tips and tricks, tent

1. Shelter

From your shelter type to equipment to clothing, no matter what you bring it needs to be weather and environment appropriate. So, depending on where you’re planning on going, and what kind of weather conditions are common for that area, it’s assuring to pack for worst-case scenarios. If it will be hot, cold, rainy, windy, etc., make sure your shelter and your clothing can handle it, so you can handle it. Also, make sure to practice setting up your tent at home or at a friend’s place if you can. We highly recommend that you arrive at your campsite comfortably knowing how to set up your tent for the coming nights.  

Don't want to stress about it? Go glamping! The accommodation is prepared for you by the host. All you have to do is relax!

2. Insulation

Staying comfortable helps you have the best experience for any type of adventure. Thus, things to consider to stay warm is what type of insulation will you be bringing? 

Sleeping in your sleeping bag in your tent directly on the solid and cold ground will only decrease your body temperatures during the night, so sleeping pads are very important. Wool and a windproof jacket is an easy layered and breathable choice that does wonders.

3. Food & Equipment

Unless you have a vehicle and a good amount of space in it, avoiding heavy products like canned foods is a good idea for those going by bike or foot. Going for more dehydrated food packages is a better option. Making your own trail mix, protein, or energy bars and bringing your own spices in tic tac boxes are easy, and budget-friendly. Hot dogs can be stored in thermoses with some hot water, for a more instant meal. If you’re a coffee drinker, make sure to bring some good coffee with you as well! 

Tip: check out our list with camping food hacks to make it yourself even more comfertable. 


Fun Camping Tips and Tricks

Camping is often misunderstood as many people associate it with only negative experiences. However, most of the time, camping is one of the most rewarding ways to spend your leisurely time as you put in just a little more effort but have full control over your trip. In addition, camping can bring creative problem-solving out of everyone. So, here we go, what you really came here for, some fun camping tips and tricks!

1. Learn your Plant Types

From herbs to weeds, from trees to flowers. Search up what plants are common for the location you’re visiting and understand what you should avoid or if you can find them. Learning your plant types and making a list is a good pre-camping activity, finding them and eating the edible ones, of course, can be another activity. Knowing what to use for different activities can also be extremely useful. For example, if you burn sage in your campfire, you repel mosquitoes at the same time! It is also a less toxic method. Or making stinging nettle tea with some edible flowers!

2. Bring microfibre towels

A lightweight, highly absorbent, and fast-drying material could be your best friend during camping. Worth the investment, bringing these towels will save you so much space and time compared to the traditional towels.

3. Duct Tape

The versatile, powerful and extremely useful tape can come in handy when you don’t think you need it, and when you need it. Bring duct tape to hang anything, attach any objects, fix anything broken, keep something in place, you name it- it’ll help.

4. DIY Light

Reuse your white plastic milk jug and transform it into a lamp! Attach your headlamp or phone so the light shines towards the bottle and the water and translucent plastic should reflect the light. Use that duct tape to attach any light source to the bottle even. 

5. Scrambled-Eggs or pancake batter in a Bottle 

Perhaps a strange-sounding concept, but this method has “practical” written all over it. Avoid cartons, being careful not to break the eggs, dishes all while having an easy-prep breakfast. Also, bring delicious pancake batter that you can easily pour straight away onto a pan or stove!

6. Soap Pouch

Avoid unnecessary space and waste by choosing bar soap. There are different bar soap shampoos, bar soap conditioners, and bar soap body washes you can choose from! For camping, create a DIY pouch for the soap from a facecloth, and use the cloth as a scrub as well. Not to mention how lightweight they are!

Camping Hacks with Kids

Camping hacks with kids

To make this article complete we also wrote down some camping hacks with kids that make your camping holiday even more successful! 

1. Foam Props

A fun camping hack with kids is to bring foam pads or noodles for both safety props and comfort. It is also a lightweight and easy solution. Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil is also surprisingly considered a good mosquito repellent, thus, invest in a bottle if you can.

2. Bring games 

Frisbee disks, a deck of cards, or your imagination and creativity. Make sure to have some games prepared that everyone can look forward to, but also avoid spending time on your phone to search up ideas or getting distracted. Frisbee disks can also be used for your meal plates!

3. Hammock

Lastly, investing in a hammock is a great product for everyone. They are relaxing, fun, and easy to hang up in most places. If you already have access to a garden or a park, hammocks can be relaxing, entertaining, and very fun for kids as well as bounce and swing. 

From the essentials to the little camping hacks and camping tips and tricks are always useful in any setting. Want to try them out directly? Plan a camping trip with Campspace! We hope you have a lovely and safe camping experience by including some of these tips!

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