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Use this Easter break to reconnect with nature, family and friends while trees, shrubs and fields are in bloom.

Reconnect with nature this Easter break

Use this Easter break to get outside with family or friends and rediscover the beauty of nature when trees, shrubs and fields are in bloom. Embark on micro-adventures and get the most out of nature before summer brings crowds of people in.

Cultivate mindfulness in nature

Are you missing some peace in your everyday life? Easter break is a good opportunity to slow down your pace and rediscover the tranquillity of nature. Let yourself be captivated by the fresh scents, the sunlight shining through the branches, the sound of leaves rustling and be present in the moment. Try slowing down and taking a break from electronics. Save your phone for occasional pictures, checking the map and emergency calls.

Easter break 2023 is the first obvious opportunity to take a trip out into the open and regain peace, with several opportunities to cultivate various nature-oriented activities, including rest and mindfulness but also physical activities.

Take a bath in nature this Easter break

One way to get nature under the skin is forest bathing, bathing in the forest, or as it is called in Japan, shinrin-yoku. Shinrin-yoku was created at the same time as other forms of naturotherapy. In all its simplicity, it involves absorbing the forest through your senses and thus reducing stress. 

Find a natural or green area nearby, a park will do the trick, but preferably a forest where you can get peace and quiet from noisy elements. Leave all your electronic gadgets at home and be present in the moment. The whole idea of forest bathing is to consciously connect with nature and be present in your body and senses while letting thoughts pass, in a friendly but firm way. 

There are several activities that you can do while forest bathing, from guided meditation, breathing exercises, plant observation to a short hike where you are consciously present in nature. The most important thing is that you allow yourself the time to yourself, without feeling obliged to respond to messages or emails, and that you let all your senses be captivated by the scents and sounds of the forest. 

Go hiking and watch everything bloom 

Go for a hike or a brisk walk this Easter break to see fields, shrubs and trees in bloom. 

An activity most people can participate in and that most people can benefit from is getting out and doing something as simple as walking, or however you are able to get around outdoors. Even 30 minutes of walking or being outside a day, has a positive effect on your health, mentally as well as physically.  

Natural light can improve your mood by releasing endorphins and can help reduce stress and relieve depressive symptoms, as well as lower your heart rate. Spending a day outdoors and on the move is a natural way to take care of yourself and lift your spirits.

Another advantage of walking or hiking is that the length and route can be adapted to those who are going on a trip, so everyone can join. As mentioned, there are many benefits to walking and walking is an easy activity to get started with.

Pack a bag for an Easter break day trip and enjoy the beginning of summer outdoors!

Optical spring phenomena 

Spring is the time of year when light and colours return, which means rainbows, zenith arcs, or circus zenith arcs, and other colourful phenomena also return.

During the day, under the right weather conditions, you will be able to see optical phenomena such as rainbows, zenith arcs that look like inverted rainbows, and other halos due to the refraction of the sun's rays in raindrops or ice crystals.

To spot a rainbow, the sun's rays must be at an angle of 42 degrees below rain clouds, so that the sun's rays are refracted in the raindrops.

For halos and zenith arcs, it is the refraction of light in ice crystals, and the sun's angle of 32 degrees above the horizon line that allows us to experience an inverted rainbow higher in the sky, early and late in the day.

Enjoy a sunrise or set and you might be lucky enough to experience and sun pillars where the light is reflected in stagnant ice crystals in the innermost layer of the atmosphere.

Look up at the spring night sky 

Get the feeling of becoming infinitely small and put everyday stress in perspective while stargazing.

Find security in familiar star constellations and enjoy the slow transition to summer. When the weather gets warmer but it still gets dark in the evening, the darker spring evenings provide a good opportunity to see the sky light up from the meteor swarms Lyrids and Eta-Aquariads. Bring a blanket and something hot to drink and look towards the star constellation Lyra and the remains of Halley's comet. 

It is not only shooting stars that can be spotted in the spring, you can also find constellations and planets in the night sky. If you are out early enough in the season, and you are far enough north, you may also be lucky enough to see the Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis.

  • 22-23rd of April - Meteor swarm Lyrids peaks

  • 6-7th of May - The meteor shower Eta-Aquarids peaks.

For the ultimate introduction to stargazing find the best dark sky parks to visit in this Campspace guide to stargazing in Europe.

Remember no matter where you are and what you do in nature - leave no trace. Collect your rubbish and throw it in the nearest rubbish bin or take it home with you as you have taken it out into nature.

To enjoy being outside even more, we advise you to go camping. Take your campervan or caravan out of the garage, dust off your tent and just go. Our Campspaces are small-scale and located in the middle of nature. During the day you can go hiking or you can go on an excursion on the site. At night you can huddle close together around the campfire. Once you're in your sleeping bag at the end of the day, you'll feel the last bit of stress slip away and you'll sleep like a baby.

Tips and Tricks

To make your Easter break a success, we have listed a few tips for you.

  • During the Easter break it can still be quite cold at night. Bring enough warm clothes and a thick sleeping bag. If necessary, put some insulation material on the floor.

  • Bring pans with which you can cook on the open fire. You can make a campfire on many of our sites. Nothing more romantic than preparing your own Easter break breakfast on the fire!

  • Are you camping with kids? Bring Easter eggs and hide them on the property. There is nothing better than looking for Easter eggs early in the morning in a beautiful garden.

With these Easter weekend ideas for 2023, your Easter break will be a success! Do you prefer to not stay in a tent? Choose one of our glamping options.

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