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Small campsites to cool down during the summer, all over Europe

Small campsites to cool down during the summer, all over Europe

Seeking a refreshing escape this summer? Discover the joys of cooling down at quaint campsites by the sea, lake, or pool with our ultimate guide.

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As summer days grow longer and warmer, the allure of a holiday begins to simmer in the mind. Many of us yearn for an escape from the incessant heat and clamour of our daily routines. If this sounds like you, then embarking on a camping holiday might be just the ticket. This blog post delves into the joys of spending your summer at small campsites where you can cool down, relax, and bask in the tranquillity of nature. 

The importance of cooling down with the summer heat

As we roll into the summer months, it's crucial to balance our love for the sun with the necessity of keeping cool. Heatwaves can often sneak up on us, turning what was meant to be a relaxing holiday into an uncomfortable struggle against the sweltering heat. Finding ways to keep cool isn't just about comfort; it's also crucial for staying healthy and energetic during your summer travels.

For this reason, it's essential to select a camping site that offers an easy and enjoyable way to cool down. Whether it's a beach-side retreat, a lakeside hideaway, or a campsite with a pool, these locations offer a fantastic respite from the summer heat, all while providing unique experiences and adventures.

Cool down with Campspace

Campspace is a platform that connects adventure seekers with private landowners, offering unparalleled access to unspoilt corners of nature near essential water points. With a strong focus on promoting sustainable travel, Campspace allows you to escape the crowded tourist hotspots and immerse yourself in the peace and tranquillity of privately owned lands, from charming countryside back gardens to sprawling farm estates. Embrace the opportunity to experience overnight stays in the heart of nature, where the hustle of city life is replaced by the harmonious symphony of the countryside. Whether you're a seasoned camper or a first-time adventurer, Campspace is your portal to exploring the world in a whole new way.

Campsites by the sea 

There's an undeniable allure to the ocean, a siren call that draws us to its shores. Camping by the sea not only provides a refreshing ocean breeze to counteract the summer heat but also presents a myriad of activities to enjoy.

Spending your days diving into the cool ocean, building sandcastles, or simply basking in the sea breeze with a good book offers a perfect balance between relaxation and adventure. Moreover, the soothing sound of the waves provides a serene soundtrack to your stay, promoting restful sleep. 

  • Tranquil bay-side camping with a touch of history (France)

Experience serenity in a spacious 2500m2 garden campsite, a stone's throw from the Baie de Somme. Ideal for outdoor activities, it offers easy access to local shops, historical sites, and nature excursions. A hub for unforgettable adventures, from seal watching to exploring pebble beaches and local abbeys.

🇫🇷Book a stay in Saint Valéry sur Somme, Hauts-de- France, France

  • Secluded camping oasis near the sea (Italy)

Immerse yourself in aleafy sanctuary, offering respite from the summer heat. This campspace, conveniently located near the motorway and minutes from the sea, provides easy access to amenities like a bar and supermarket.

🇮🇹Book a stay in Alcamo, Trapani, Italy

  • Historic harbour-view haven (Netherlands)

Perched high on a lighthouse dune in IJmuiden, this unique 1-room hotel offers an unparalleled view of the sea, beach, and piers. Once a signal box guiding ships, it now serves as a distinct, historic retreat.

🇳🇱Book a stay in IJmuiden, North Holland, Netherlands

Campspace by the sea

Campsites by a lake 

If the rhythmic lapping of gentle waves against a shore and the chance to engage in freshwater activities appeal to you, a lakeside camping experience could be your perfect summer getaway.

The often calm and pristine waters of a lake provide a fantastic opportunity for swimming, kayaking, or fishing. Just as importantly, lakes offer a cooler environment due to their lower salt content compared to the sea, which can be ideal for a refreshing dip during those hot summer afternoons. Additionally, many lakes are surrounded by lush greenery and diverse wildlife, enhancing your connection with nature.

  • Wine haven retreat in the heart of Montenegro

Experience the charm of a family estate nestled in the scenic village of Bandici, Montenegro. A sprawling campspace and winery, it offers activities aplenty and a taste of ecological nature, all just an hour's drive from major attractions and close to a lake.

🇲🇪Book a stay in Podgorica, Montenegro

  • Oak forest retreat in Peneda Gerês (Portugal)

Immerse yourself in nature's heart with this unique campspace. Tucked away in an oak forest, within Portugal's Peneda Gerês National Park, it offers tranquil mountain views, hiking, swimming in the lake nearby, and horseback riding.

🇵🇹Book a stay in Campo do Gerês, Braga, Portugal

  • Lakeside serenity at campsite Fristad (Sweden)

Experience tranquil camping at its finest on the shores of lake Ovre Brocken at Fristad, a beautiful new campsite in Sweden. 

🇸🇪Book a stay in Torsby, Värmlands Iän, Sweden

Campspace by a lake

Camping by a pool 

For those who prefer the conveniences of modern amenities, camping by a pool offers a charming blend of the great outdoors with the comfort of a resort. Pools provide a reliable and safe way to cool down, perfect for families with young children or those who may not be confident swimmers.

Moreover, many pool-side campsites offer extra amenities like loungers, snack bars, and even organised activities. This makes them an excellent choice for campers who want to combine the joys of camping with the facilities of a staycation.

  • Sunset views and green spaces at regesbostel (Germany)

Enjoy an unobstructed view of the Feldmark sunset from your pitch on this expansive meadow campsite. Featuring a composting toilet, fire bowls, and close proximity to natural pools, it's the perfect escape.

🇩🇪Book a stay in Regesbostel, Lower Saxony, Germany

  • Eco-friendly living and community meals at Doñana (Spain)

Experience biodynamic living at this eco-village, complete with WiFi, power outlets, work areas, and vegan meals prepared from our organic garden. Located near Doñana National Park, it's a serene retreat.

🇪🇸Book a stay in Almonte, Andalusia, Spain

  • Green getaway with solar-heated pool in Vlaams Brabant (Belgium)

Discover a charming campspace nestled in the greenery, offering a solar-heated swimming pool, sauna, and access to scenic cycling routes. Nearby attractions include historic sites and a variety of trails.

🇧🇪Book a stay in Ternat, Flemish Brabant, Belgium

Campspace by a pool

In conclusion, the perfect summer holiday may well be hiding in the simple pleasures of a camping getaway. Whether by the sea, a lake, or a pool, there are countless small campsites that offer an ideal escape from the summer heat. So, why not pitch a tent, roll out your sleeping bag, and discover the cooling joys of camping this summer?

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Are there campsites near water points available throughout the summer? Yes, Campspace offers a variety of campsites near water points that are available all summer long. However, availability can vary, so it's best to book in advance.
  • How can I ensure that the campsite near a water point is safe for swimming? Campspace provides detailed information about each campsite, including any available water activities. It's also advised to check local safety information and guidelines.
  • Are there campsites near water points suitable for families? Absolutely, many campsites featured on Campspace are perfect for families. You can filter your search to find campsites that are family-friendly and offer safe water activities.
  • Can I find campsites near water points that allow pets? Yes, several campsites on Campspace are pet-friendly. Make sure to check the site’s amenities and rules before booking.
  • Are there amenities like toilets and showers at the campsites near water points? Amenities vary from site to site. Many campsites offer basic amenities like toilets and showers, but it's always best to check the specific details listed on Campspace for each site.

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