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Ways To Be a Sustainable Campspace Host

Ways To Be a Sustainable Campspace Host

What is a Campspace host? How can you be a sustainable one?

Firstly, what is a sustainable Campspace host? At Campspace, we work with private landowners from all over the world and the landowners offer their outdoor space for travelers to spend a night at. Together with hosts, we make sure sustainable holiday destinations are an option for travelers. The landowners host their land, aka., camp spaces, for travelers to enjoy nature on all levels. A sustainable Campspace host is one that puts in effort, time, and energy into working with what they have and giving back to their community. There are numerous sustainable activities a host can practice. Our community tries to include new sustainable habits, or maintain it in our daily lives; it is different per individual. Whether you are interested in becoming a Campspace host or you already are one, here is a guide on how to be a sustainable Campspace host.

Start small

Sustainability is very different per person, their setting, and their situation. Thus, it is important to make reflections on your daily life and what your habits are. As one of our already sustainable hosts advised, instead of focusing on what you “should” do by governmental or societal standards, start with what you know you can do. 

Starting small and increasing tasks at your own speed makes sustainability a more rewarding feeling. In the end, sustainability should not feel like a chore and rather a part of our lifestyle that we once lost when industrialization occurred. 

Recycle and compost

Recycling your waste and using or buying less plastic is a good start. Start to divide your waste into what you can reuse and what you can not reuse. All organic or natural products can become compost. Be creative with the process as there are many unique ways to recycle things, such as old rubber boots into a flower pot!

Have or make bird houses and feeders

Support your environment and local nature by making bird houses and feeders! It’s always nice to provide opportunities for animals to live in peace with you. They eat insects and can wake you up with their beautiful songs.

Collect rainwater

Another way to be a sustainable host is to collect rainwater! Invest in a water tank and collect rainwater throughout the year to water your plants over the summer. You can avoid large water costs this way, and you’re using natural methods! 

Plant more plants

From herbs to spices, fruits to vegetables, and bushes to trees, there are so many variants of plants to improve your campspace just the way you like. Make the most out of it by planting plants you can consume so that you also provide resources for insects, bees, and of course yourself. 

Solar power

If you really want to, you can take energy saving and consumption to the next level by investing in solar panels. Run your house and your campspace with natural energy! Just like collecting rainwater, there will always be sun rising, even shining through clouds. Rain can also wash away the dust on the panels allowing for more energy to be collected.

Challenge yourself

Once you feel like smaller tasks are a normal part of your day, start exploring what you do outside of your house. Therefore, analyzing your personal situation, your habits, the connection you have with people and how you communicate is the first step to knowing how you can improve and become a sustainable host according to your own standards. 

Maintain and improve your campspace 

Many Campspace hosts, if anything, started working on their sustainable habits by working with and in their garden and campspaces first. This approach allows your environment to motivate and inspire you to keep involving yourself in sustainable activities. 

For hosts that are starting out, once you feel ready to incorporate sustainability into your Campspace host life, sustainability involving your campspace is a great next step. 

Set realistic goals

It’s extremely important to set goals because maintaining a sustainable life can require just as much effort, time and energy than improving your sustainable life. 

Start a small side-business

For hosts that have a lot of resources, like extra wood, or fruits during the fall- you can create a side business and sell your products to your community! Some of our hosts create handmade wooden coasters, or you can bake out of the berries you grow! Or, you can utilize second-hand items or have garage sales. Want to get rid of any items you own but don’t know how? Create a fun project out of it!

Your Community

Something that is often overlooked is social sustainability. Sustainability is also community and having a balanced relationship, approach, and mindset to life and your connections with people. 

Real human connections is one of Campspace’s values and this is practiced every time a guest stays at your campspace. Not only do you offer a rich place for travelers to spend their nights, you offer experiences that can positively affect their mental wellbeing. 

Meanwhile, they support you back, giving back to the whole community, and supporting a circular economy. You can also support your local community by:

  • Buying from your local farmers, local stores, and local businesses 

  • Selling any products you have to your local community

  • Buy second hand 

As one of our Campspace hosts, Samantha advises, “Be kind to nature, because there is only one. There’s also a lot more to life than what you think. Next time you have the opportunity to be in a forest, feel and appreciate its presence with your own.”

All in all, being a sustainable host means finding joy in your lifestyle outdoors, and either maintaining or improving sustainability at your own pace. Starting small is better than not doing anything. Be part of a community where we work towards building a sustainable community where we can learn a lot from each other. If you also want to get to know a few of our hosts more in detail or are you looking for more inspiration? Have a look at what our hosts are already doing; How Our Hosts are Practicing Sustainability

Do you have a garden, extra land or green space and would like to host travelers? Become a Campspace host! Join our sustainable community and provide opportunities for people to experience the nature and wonders of your area and home.

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