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Unique Experiences in The Netherlands & Belgium

Unique Experiences in The Netherlands & Belgium

Do you want to get away for a unique experience in the Netherlands, Belgium or France? This article shows you some very special and unique places to spend the night at a campspace.

by Elisabeth Möller

A cosy and affordable chalet to visit with friends or family 

You’ll fall in love with this campspace as soon as you see the pictures. Chalet Rosee offers space for up to 10 people, which makes it ideal for a group of your best friends or family. The cabin is located remotely, so you can enjoy each other's company and the surrounding nature to the fullest. The area also offers lots to do, you can drive to the nearby Eau d’Heure lakes to go kayaking, you can go hiking, biking or you can discover the beautiful city of Dinant. This town is beautifully located against some impressive rocks, which will guarantee some great pictures. 

Not only can you rent a chalet at this campspace, but you can also camp there, in a tent or in your campervan. What makes it extra special and unique, is that there are facilities to do this comfortably in winter. The owner has built a type of winter-igloo for you to put your tent up inside. This makes it warm and comfortable for camping all year round. This campspace has a great location and is an absolute treasure and recommendation for climbing fanatics that would like to go on a trip with friends or family. 

The cherry on top – it’s cycling distance from a number of abbey breweries like Maredsous and Leffe, making it the perfect spot to book for any group of Belgian beer enthusiasts.

Enjoying the sound of owls nearby at this garden of Eden 

In Lunteren you’ll find a campspace run by Ylvie. She houses horses here and one of the things that makes this place unique is the fact that you’re also able to bring your own horse. You can pitch your tent on a field where your horse can also walk around freely. A unique experience for both you and your horse! This spot isn’t only a treasure for horse lovers – anyone who enjoys nature can find some peace and quiet here. You’ll also reach nature park Hoge Veluwe or the Kroller-Muller museum for some cultural entertainment in only 10 minutes by car.

A city trip with the excitement of camping

At Luc’s campspace in Antwerp you can camp and unwind in his calm garden, while still being in the middle of a vibrant city. This will definitely be a unique experience –how many times in life will you find yourself camping in the middle of a residential neighbourhood? Public transportation is within walking distance and for those who are on a biking holiday this campspace is the ideal base camp. You’re at the city centre in a heartbeat while still being able to wake up in the fresh air. I’m betting you this will be an experience you won’t forget easily. 

There nothing like Groningen 

You probably have never heard of the town Warffum and you’d be forgiven for it, but this campspace run by Frits absolutely needs to be added to your bucketlist. In the area, you can bike through the beautiful Groningen landscape and enjoy the scenery. You can even bike to the location from Groningen or Winsum train stations. At Frits’s spot you can enjoy nature to the fullest and watch the stars by night. This place will let you wind down while giving you a unique experience at a beautiful remote location. 

Spending the night at a fort 

In Gelderland (NL) you’ll find a campspace in and around the Vuren fort, which is part of the New Holland Waterfront. You can go biking, hiking and horseback riding in the area, along with many other fun activities. The location is near the river Waal, which you’ll have an incredible view of from where you’ve pitched your tent. The sanitary facilities are inside the tower of the fort, which emphasises the sense of adventure. You can put up your own tent, spend the night in a bunker or B&B inside the tower, or indulge in a bit of glamping. This place guarantees an amazing destination to surprise a loved one or your kids with. An absolute must-visit and a set up for a very unique experience.  

Spring is coming! 

Do you have some more time to travel a bit further? To warm you up for the spring and summer holidays, here’s a little teaser! This Campspace will take you a bit longer to reach from Belgium or The Netherlands, but I couldn’t resist mentioning it..  

In between 13th century castle ruins in France 

As you might already know,  you’ll find the most beautiful trails in the French Alps. An overnight stay at this campspace run by Bruno will top off this unique experience. You’ll be pitching your tent in between 13th century castle ruins, overlooking the mountains. It doesn’t get much better, does it? The only other thing you’ll need is a cold drink and a pizza. Luckily this is up to you! Bruno provides you with a solar oven. The sun reflects on its metal plates, and the focal point of the sunlight generates the heat. Cool, isn’t it?! (or maybe hot is the better word here..)  

I hope I was able to inspire you with these unique experiences in the Netherlands, Belgium and even further! 

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