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The Ultimate Itinerary for a North of France Road Trip

In France, there are many things to see. Follow this itinerary and go on a road trip to discover them!

For those who love adventure and long roads, a road trip to northern France is perfect. There is so much to see and do in these beautiful regions, from breathtaking landscapes to bustling cities. Here's an itinerary we've put together for you, which you can follow to make the most of your trip. 

Preparing for your road trip 

Preparing for a road trip is not as simple as putting your foot on the gas and driving. There are things to consider, such as trip length, budget, itinerary, stops and more. We have already prepared a recommended itinerary for your road trip in the north of France. Now all that's left to do is to prepare your things for your trip, choose your budget and your vehicle.

Preparing your belongings

The north of France and the west coast offer a lot of space to put your car by the sea. So don't forget to pack a swimming costume, sun cream, wetsuit and surfboard. It is often said that in the north of France there are more rainy days than sunny ones, so if you are lucky you will be able to enjoy the beach during your road trip. Calculate the time of your stay and your budget so that you can plan accordingly. 

Choosing your vehicle 

There are a number of options when it comes to transport for your road trip. Do you want to drive yourself, or do you prefer to take the train so you can relax on the road and enjoy the scenery? If you prefer to hop on a train, it's a good idea to check the quality of the connections in northern France for your road trip itinerary. If you have a motorhome, caravan or van yourself, it may be easy to take your own transport, but if you don't have one, you can rent one! For example, you can find vehicles on great sharing platforms such as Goboony if you're looking for a camper van, or MyWheels or Hiyacar if you feel more comfortable in a car. 

Choosing your accommodation 

Before you hit the road, it's a good idea to think about the type of accommodation you want to choose. If you're travelling with a camper van or a van, you're probably looking for places to camp. Whichever way you travel, you can find somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of the city, which can make your road trip more relaxing as you'll be surrounded by greenery after a long day of adventure. If you're travelling by car or train, you can either bring a tent and pitch it in a nice spot, or stay in comfortable accommodation that's already waiting for you in a camping area. 

The itinerary

North of France road trip itinerary

You can of course decide to start in the Pays-de-la-Loire and end up in the East of France, but we present you the itinerary starting in the East and ending in the West of the country.

1. Start at the Belgian border

Discover the hills in northern France at the Belgian border by spending your first night at Pieter in Any-Martin-Rieux in Hauts-de-France! Pieter shares the peace of his garden with his guests. This region offers a variety of landscapes, from green forests to cultivated fields to rolling hills. The winding roads and picturesque villages invite you to relax and contemplate. 

Pieter's Campspace

2. Fishing and napping an hour away from Amiens

Take a trip around the Somme with this campsite in Liencourt. Enjoy a hot shower and barbecue at this campsite where you can pitch your van and tent. Take a diversion on your road trip to the city centre of Amiens to see the famous gothic cathedral, one of the most famous in France along with the one in Reims. Take a walk in the Quartier-Saint-Leu to enjoy the cafés and bars and visit the "hortillonnages"! 

3. Discovering Normandy

First stop of the itinerary in Normandy at Annouville-Vilmesnil at Marie's campspace. On the way, don't hesitate to stop in the big cities of Normandy like Rouen or Le Havre, to discover a different Normandy than the one you see in the pictures: you'll see that there are not only cows and cheese there!

Marie welcomes you to her quiet and peaceful equestrian farm, 15km from Fécamp and 20km from Etretat. Take the opportunity to see the famous cliffs of Etretat which offer a magnificent natural spectacle 20 minutes from your camp. 

Campspace near Etretat Normandy

4. View on the Mont-Saint-Michel 

Between Annouville-Vilmesnil and Avranches, you have about 2h30 to drive. We recommend you to stop in towns like Honfleur or Deauville-Trouville-sur-Mer which are hidden treasures of Normandy, flowery towns, close to the sea and very touristic. Then stop off in the city centre of Caen before ending your Normandy itinerary. Finally, set up your van or tent in Avranches, at Zoë's place and enjoy the view of Mont-Saint-Michel from your bed. 

If you want to discover more about Normandy, add these areas to your itinerary: 

  • Discover the Pays-de-Bray by staying at Valérie's
  • Take a diversion to the heart of the Cotentin at Anne's in Amfreville to enjoy her natural garden near the beach at Ouistreham.

5. Head for Brittany! 

Continue your road trip to Brittany. On your way, stop in the old town of Saint-Malo to walk on the ramparts and taste some cider (in moderation) before going to the small village of Pommeret, to put your bags (or your van) for the first time in Brittany. Pommeret is a village in Northern Brittany, where Karine offers us her large garden next to a wood to spend a night or two. Take the time to rest in all simplicity, and enjoy a hiking trail nearby. You can also make a stopover in Saint-Brieuc, a pretty village nearby. 

6. A breath of fresh air by the sea 

Slather on the sun cream, put on your swimming costume, and get ready to find sand in every corner of your van after this stop at this camping located in "la pointe de Primel" in Plougasnou. This space is called the municipal camping de la mer, and its name is not stolen. In a few steps, you find yourself on the beach. A campsite that wants to be sustainable, and that shows a will to preserve nature by refusing mobile homes and superfluous services.

Campspace by the sea in Plougasnou

7. From the sea to the river

Drive along the westernmost part of the country, past sandy and pebble beaches and end your journey by the river. Reconnect with the greenery and nature around the Aulne at Jonathan's campspace. This very quiet town, abandoned by tourists for lack of beaches, will allow you to recharge your batteries before continuing your road trip. 

Campspace in Brittania L'Aulne

Before the next stage of your road trip, we recommend you to make a diversion to Plouguernével, à la Ferme Mellon to enjoy a 5 hectare space with gardening and animals included!

8. Visit the Gulf of Morbihan 

Stéphane's space is located in the Gulf of Morbihan, just outside Vannes. It offers you a space in the middle of a natural area, where the fauna and flora thrive from season to season. This quiet area is nevertheless very close to the road and to the town.  It is therefore easy to find, and perfect for escaping the stress of the city. You have everything nearby if you need it. But this is not necessarily necessary as Stéphane offers a large number of services such as showers, toilets, electricity and a barbecue at your disposal. 

Campspace in the Gulf of Morbihan

9. A pond 30 minutes from Rennes

Take the road towards Laillé, a village 30 minutes from Rennes, which is home to "L'île Ô d'Ange" by Angélique. Park your car between the two landscaped and bucolic ponds. You will be welcomed by the host and the animals that live there: horses, goats, dogs...

Campspace in countryside near Rennes

10. Welcome to the Pays de la Loire

You will discover a third region of France with this road trip: the Pays de la Loire. The region owes its name to the river that runs through it: the Loire. The region is known for its majestic castles. Take the time to approach one of them, you won't be disappointed. After this visit you can go and relax in the middle of the countryside at Julie's.

Camspace with pool Pays de la Loire

11. This is the end 

Speaking of castles! Here's a great end to your road trip in Northern France: put your van or motorhome down in an exceptional landscaped park at the foot of the château du Martreil. Perfect to end your road trip in style! And if you've taken this road trip with your partner, what could be more romantic than a night in a castle? 

Campspace near by a castle Pays de la Loire

Want to continue your adventure? Take a look at our suggested itinerary for a road trip in the South of France. If you want to go even further, read our article on a road trip in Europe. You will always find what you are looking for on Campspace

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