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Reconnect Outside


Is it hard for you to sit and do nothing on holiday? You don't have to! For active and adventurous campers whom love going back to basic there are a lot of undiscovered camping spots.

Enjoying the outdoors, staying active, far away from the day-to-day stress and hectics. Completely back to basic and in tune with nature. That is the basis voor an adventurous holiday. Put up your tent in the middle of a pasture and wake up with a curious cow sniffing by your tent or let yourself be surprised by animals that swarm around camping spots in the middle of the forest.

The hosts of these camping spots would love to help you find the best place to rent mountainbikes and kayaks or most beautiful hiking trails that are essential to discover before leaving. Discover the most adventurous campspaces in Europe and enjoy the active outdoor lifestyle. Make your stay a real challenge.

After a tiring day filled with fun activities, it is wonderful to take it easy. Enjoy the afternoon on your garden chair surrounded by nature. With the sun shining through the trees. Or take an evening walk on the meadow, through the forest or along the water.

Are you looking for a little more peace and quiet? Then there are also places that offer a lot of peace and space Or take your dog to one of the pet-friendly campspaces.

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