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Camping adventures in Spain

Camping adventures in Spain

Spain, a country with beautiful weather, large area's of nature and nice people. Lots of stuff to do and see in your free time

The Spanish hosts are ready to welcome you. Set up your tent in between lama's or camp in a yurt which is already set up for you. Or camp in small homes or even a gypsy wagon. It's surprising how many different campings there are in warm Spain we know and love. Spain not only comes with great weather, but the locals are also nice and the landscape is a lot different than in The Netherlands for example. With long beaches, big hills, and mountains, there's a lot to explore. 

Camping in beautiful Andalucía or Catalonia. 

Campspace offers hosts special backyards, houses, or property for you to enjoy during a road trip or for a holiday trip. With great cities like Barcelona and Seville, beautiful islands, like Mallorca and the canary islands there's no much room left for boredom. Nature itself is diverse and there are many different activities to do. Along the coast of Costa Brava for example you'll find lots of activities to do on the water like surfing and wakeboarding. More in the center of the country you'll find wide, open, mountainy Campspaces. All with a lot of luxury, so you can lay back en just enjoy your surroundings. 

The difference between camping in the North of Spain and the South of Spain is quite noticeable. In the south it's quieter, fewer tourists, and overall warmer weather. If that is what you're looking for, it's perfect to find luxurious camping there. But if you like being with people, see different types of weather and landscapes. The North is what you're looking for. 

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