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Amazing camping spots in Great Britain

Amazing camping spots in Great Britain

Britain is huge. Lots of nature and culture to be found and experienced. We've made a list on this page just for you, to help you on your adventure through Britain.

Camping in Great Britain is truly an experience, let yourself be surprised by the beautiful nature and the special camping spots where you can spend the night. Set up your tent on one of the small campsites in Scotland or in England.

Mini camping spots in Great Britain

Camping at these mini campsites in Great Britain is so special, because you can pitch your tent with local people on their piece of land. They know more than anyone else about walks, cultural outings, and restaurants in the area. The campspace hosts offer a special experience and the offer in Great Britain is very large. For example, you can camp on the east coast but also in the vast interior.

Hiking in the land of castles

Great Britain is known for its many castles and manors dotted around this special country. They can be found in the rolling countryside. Therefore, there's a good chance that you will find a beautiful castle next to your mini camping spot. But in addition to these castles, Great Britain also has great hiking routes in the Lake District of Cornwall and the Scilly Islands. If you do not plan or do multi-day tours, there are plenty of smaller hiking routes near your camping spot. View the range of hosts in Great Britain and discover your own Campspace experience.

Are you looking for something else? That's not a problem at all. There are camping spots on private terrain all throughout Europe, there are hosts who are offering their backyard to become a [article:532camper spot].

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