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Recruiting new hosts as a Campspace scout

Recruiting new hosts as a Campspace scout

Did you know you can earn some extra cash by referring hosts to campspace?

As a Campspace scout, you can spend the night for free at unique campspaces in exchange for photographing them and writing a review. 

Did you know that you can also act as  a Campspace ambassador and recruit new hosts to our platform?

This is an exciting new way to earn extra income while contributing to the rise of sustainable tourism. You earn €40 for each Campspace host you recruit, as soon as they welcome their first guest or scout. 

How would it work?

Picture this, you’re out for a nice walk,see a gorgeous piece of land and wish you could camp there because it’s in a location that is beautiful, interesting, peaceful, or all three!. You discover the property is private farmland, so you knock on the farmer's house. As a Campspace recruiter, you introducing yourself, explain Campspace’s concept and suggest they sign up. Your offer was intriguing, so the farmer googles Campspace, likes our platform, and agrees to sign up! You give them your specific referral code and tell them to use it when signing up. As soon as they welcome their first guest or scout, you’ve earned €40.

Remember, Campspace promotes all kinds of accommodations, so if you think small camping, yurt, treehouse, or even a shepherd hut would be a good fit for Campspace, approach the owners! There’s no harm in introducing yourself and Campspace.

If you are unsure about how to pitch Campspace to a potential host, here are a few key talking points

Talking points

  • Campspace is the only platform without commission or start-up costs.

  • By signing up, you become part of a movement promoting sustainable travel, local adventures and reconnecting outside.

  • Becoming a host is a great way to make use of your property and earn extra income

  • You can welcome a professional Campspace-approved photographer/scout to your property in exchange for free photos for your listing as well as your first review. Scouted campspaces are shown to attract more visitors!

  • You can get to know new friendly people with every visit!

  • Campspace staff pride themselves on fantastic customer service to support you with any questions or concerns you may have!

  • Your campspace, your choice –choose your own price, availability and who will stay. 

  • Already hosting on another platform? No problem!

If the potential host has any questions you are unsure about how to answer, refer them to our host FAQ page or suggest that they give us a call at +31 850 02 62 18.

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