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Places to Camp

Places to Camp

Looking for places to camp? Below, may be where you go for your next weekend getaway or holiday!

Places to camp

Do you simply want to go camping and surround yourself in the best nature, experience local areas, and enjoy a relaxing time? Well, do we have the campspaces for you! 

No matter where you are, you can always find the perfect campspace for you. 

Depending on your country or if you’re in Europe, your neighbouring country, you can camp in incredible areas from the mountains to the beach, or the forests to the countryside. A few things to consider when choosing your campspace is to choose one closer to home, and avoid taking an aeroplane for your holiday. Camping near home is just as rich of an experience as travelling abroad by plane because many travellers do not consider exploring the beauties of their own country! 

If you want to get creative, here are a list of the best camping hacks for your next adventure!

Best places to camp

The best places to camp are closer to home! Make sure to check the campspace map to see what campspaces are near you! 

Once you’ve found where you want to go camping, what do you want to do? Well, the list is very long, but it depends on what kind of environment you’ll be in! Bring or rent bikes if you can cycle and explore the area! From mountain biking to simply cruising around in the countryside, it’s a much faster way of getting around but also doesn’t need to be tiring. 

Will you be in a forest? Appreciate the trees and practice slow travel. Perhaps there are edible plants you can identify and make wild-plant salad out of!

Do you just want to float in the sun all day? Go kayaking, canoeing, paddling or rafting! You can even combine it with fishing and catch your own dinner for the day. 


So, as you now understand, your options vary and there’s more than one campspace for you to enjoy! So, don’t wait!

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