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Most beautiful small camping spots in North America

Most beautiful small camping spots in North America

Experience the hospitality of the Americans and the incredibly beautiful of their nature. These mini-camps give you the chance to relax.

The United States of America is known for its long beaches, mighty hikes, native American culture and geological wonders such as Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon. The diversity in nature is unique in this country. You see that immediately when you enter the country. A very large dry area, in the north especially a lot of green, a lot of forest and large mountains and oceans. In general there is also a very large variation in the weather. So much to discover that it never really ends.

On an adventure through North America

To start your adventure through America, it is nice to stay with a local who can tell you everything about his environment. This way you can slowly start to get used to the culture and the environment. Step by step you can make your trip bigger and more spectacular. Go along the coast, find a nice spot for swimming or surfing. Or take a road trip along various Campspaces. Turn your camping holiday into an adventure and find the peace or the action.

Your stay in North America

Choose one of the 50 states and find out what your stay might be. camping in a private forest, a large open garden or 'glamping' in a caravan or a wooden cabin. Whatever you are looking for, we have it for you in America.

If America isn't your thing, we also have in other countries such as France, Germany, Netherlands, Great Britain and Belgium camping spots. So that you can always find the right camping spot.

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